Celebrate new deals the moment they close in Salesforce.

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Know about new deals. Immediately.

No one likes waiting for results. With Champ, receive a push notification the moment someone on your team closes a deal. Whether you’re traveling, at a conference, or in a meeting, you’ll know sales results in real-time.

The stats you need now, with access to more.

When a deal closes, we notify you with the deal name, owner, value, and sales cycle. For more detail, a single tap will open opportunity details in Salesforce1.

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Celebrating wins just got easier.

Send a note of congrats with just a few taps. Timely recognition will boost morale and keep your reps motivated for the next deal.

The gift that keeps on GIF-ing.

Add the new Champ integration to Slack so your whole team can get in on the celebration. It only takes a minute.

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