Save time with integrated ShoreTel Sky (M5) reporting

Combining data from different sources has just become easy.

Add ShoreTel Sky (formerly M5 Networks) data to your reports and see the entire picture from call to cash.

  • Automatic updates of your call reports hourly
  • Easy setup with just a single email to your ShoreTelSky
  • Integrated reports show call data alongside CRM data

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We need our managers to get one email with all their numbers in it rather than spending 10 minutes looking around. That adds up over time.”
Bob Siemering, JohnGalt

Bob Siemering



Track Calls alongside Demos and Deals.

Activity Dashboard Report
Calls are an important part of your sales funnel — but only one part of the funnel. Make better decisions by showing calls in context with the downstream activities in the rest of your funnel.

  • One integrated dashboard showing all sales activity for your entire team
  • Pivots and deltas show all data by employee or account, as well as increases/decreases versus the previous period
  • Flexible configuration — track inbound calls, outbound dials, or both!

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Supercharged call-specific reports.

Go above and beyond the built-in ShoreTel Sky reports with more ways to analyze and act on your call data.

  • Time-of-Day shows intraday patterns for each employee
  • Over-time views for the company and each employee show growth in productivity
  • Outbound vs. inbound splits with per-day and time-per-call averages
  • Speed and simplicity makes exploring your data fast & easy

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Sales Trending By Month

Stay up-to-date with the nightly email module.

InsightSquared Calls Email Module
Your team already receives a nightly email from InsightSquared with activity, goals, new deals, and other metrics. When you add the ShoreTel Sky connector, you also get the new Calls module:

  • Outbound calls (dials) per employee             
  • Total calls (outbound + inbound)
  • Total talk time

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Manage your effectiveness with call-to-activity ratios.

How many calls does it take to get a deal? How many calls should your rookies be making compared to your veterans? Combine your ShoreTel Sky data with the activity data from your CRM or ATS to measure the efficiency of your team.

  • Over time ratios show whether changes in call script or technique are having an impact further down the funnel
  • By employee shows who is performing the best so the rest of the team can learn from them
  • By client shows which clients you’re efficiently cultivating vs. those you’re struggling with

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Pipeline Trend By Value Over Time

Enhance your tracking with goal setting on calls.

Pipeline Trend By Value Over Time
Goal-setting is critical to driving team performance. InsightSquared allows you to set goals for number of calls and/or talk time, plus many other metrics.

  • Single dashboard summarizes goal data all in one place so managers and employees can see all key information at a glance
  • Configurable to allow goals on any activities
  • Both dials and call time are possible as goals

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