Marketing Performance Analytics

The Missing Tool for Sales and Marketing Alignment

Measure your entire funnel for the complete lead-to-deal story

Focus on the right metrics

Get the reports you need to update your Executive team and Board on Marketing performance. Continue what’s working and get back on track when you’re slipping off course.

Improve Conversion Rates

Visualize how leads convert into deals, and focus your efforts on stages that need the most improvement. Customize funnels to report on features like predictive lead score.

Work The Best Leads

Ensure the highest qualified leads get the most attention. Track emails, calls, meetings, and more to make sure Sales is actively working the leads most likely to close.

Measure Pipeline Contribution

See how Marketing supports pipeline growth over time. Tie pipeline and bookings directly back to leads, sources, and campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not.

Hit Your Goals

Compare your current lead generation efforts to previous periods and goals. Make sure Marketing and Sales agreements are met by focusing on the best campaigns and sources.

Lead Funnel
Pipeline Contribution

Run smarter campaigns

Marketing is not one-size-fits-all. Different campaigns are better for different stages of the funnel. InsightSquared helps you know which campaigns to use based on your focus at any given time.

Define Campaign Attribution

Multiple campaigns usually work to win a deal, so why give one all the credit? Define how sourcing, influencing, and closing campaigns should contribute to bookings.

Tie Campaigns To Bookings

You run campaigns to generate pipeline to feed your sales team. We make it easy to see which campaigns are best at driving pipeline, as well as influencing final bookings value.

Target Your Performance

The Campaign Heatmap shows which campaigns work best at each funnel stage. Replicate what’s working to generate leads, warm contacts, and close deals.

Set Influence Controls

If a campaign touches a contact three years before it becomes an opp, did the campaign really have influence? Define when influencing credit can apply relative to opp creation.

InsightSquared helps our marketing team recognize trends that would have been missed through standard reporting tools.

Adam Vavrek, Director of Marketing Ops at Skyword

Campaign Heatmap
Multi-Campaign Attribution

Complete workflow support

Whether you work leads, contacts, or a combination of both, InsightSquared can support your processes. We’ll guide you on marketing best practices in any way that suits your needs.

Track Database Health

Do you have dead leads that aren’t worth tracking, or hundreds of different lead sources? We make these issues transparent so you can get a clean look at your marketing data.

See Lead Conversion Speed

It’s important to see the speed at which leads or contacts convert into opps. Our reports show the transition so you know when the current batch have hit diminishing returns.

Measure Lead Trajectory

Keep an eye on the rate at which you’re adding new names to your database and compare that to your goals. It’s easy to see which sources are contributing the most to growth.

Account-Based Marketing

Coming soon! If you take a named-account approach to marketing, we’ll have all the reports you need to track account status, conversion rates, and team efficiency.

Lead Trajectory
Lead Yield


Sales & Marketing Performance Analytics that Powers Growth and Efficiency

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