InsightSquared for ShoreTel Sky Users

Data Analytics for Staffing Firms

What We Do

InsightSquared integrates with ShoreTel Sky, the market leader in cloud communications for business, and your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)/Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to provide powerful, industry-leading data intelligence. Our software analyzes, scrubs, and displays your data clearly so your team is more productive and generates more revenue.

What We Offer

  • One Stop Shop

    How is the data from my CRM/ATS and ShoreTel Sky fitting together? We provide a one stop for your analytic needs so you can manage both sources in one easy to use interface. Easily see the calls along with the activities your sales team is logging for faster analysis & management.

  • Client Comparisons

    Which clients are your most profitable? We use activity-based-costing and cohort analysis to help you choose where you should spend your team’s precious time.

  • Sales Analysis

    How much sales pipeline will close in the next 30, 60, 90 days? We run regressions on your past placements to continuously update your sales forecast.

    And more!

How It Works

We update our data hourly using automatic connections with ShoreTel Sky and your CRM/ATS. Our system employs multivariate regression, activity-based costing, ratio calculations and more to get your data reported to you as accurately and informatively as possible.

We have valued the technologies that both InsightSquared and Shoretel Sky have been providing to us standalone, so we are extremely excited about this partnership. Hobson is a metrics-driven company, and as a result of this integration, we will now have a comprehensive analytics solution that allows us to more effectively and efficiently manage our business and drive revenue.

- Lisa Iannone, VP, Hobson Associates

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