Sales Performance Analytics

Answers for Executives

Grow faster and more efficiently.

Know what’s impacting growth, and why

Executives tell us they run their business directly through InsightSquared — they no longer need to log into their CRM. Our executive dashboards curate exactly the reports business leaders need to monitor.

Forecast More Accurately

Track and grow your key performance indicators with live, filterable reporting. Specialty dashboards for SaaS companies include MRR growth and churn — all in a format tailored to your next investor update or board deck.

Track Your Goals

Set subgoals for multiple divisions or business units. Track each group’s contribution to company goals in an at-a-glance executive dashboard.

Set Management Objectives

With live reporting, you can visualize your challenges, goals, and priorities. One common set of reports keeps leadership aligned.

Manage with Confidence

Demonstrate your firm grasp on the business to your board. Respond to questions with certainty.

How UserVoice Grows More Efficiently With InsightSquared

Bookings Over Time
Retention Heatmap

Watch for patterns in retention rate and identify trouble cohorts before your monthly report.


Top Rated for Success

InsightSquared ranks #1 for customer satisfaction on TrustRadius. Tech executives and leaders who need rapid access to answers on running their business are happy with InsightSquared.

“Our sales management and senior management is using InsightSquared in order to forecast, hold sales accountable and see trends in the business.”

TrustRadius Review, 6/5/2015

Teamwide analytics

When Sales, Marketing and Customer Success all share a single version of the truth, the teams spend less time debating data consistency and more time driving revenue growth.

Digging Deeper

No department operates in a vacuum. InsightSquared analytics provides a universal lens into business performance for multiple lines of business.

Find and Close Skill Gaps

Propose skill training to address the biggest gaps.

Know Why the Best are Better

Show Sales Leaders what top performers are doing differently.

Advanced Analysis Tools

Use revenue cohort analysis to demonstrate the impact of a new sales process.

We chose InsightSquared because we needed something that both Marketing and Sales could use.

Erin Peterson, Director of Integrated Marketing at NGINX

SaaS Dashboards

Expose key SaaS and sales metrics to your team with live dashboards.

Shorter reporting cycles

InsightSquared analytics provide executives with a virtual feedback loop. Each report answers a fundamental question, and the answer to every follow-up question is just another click away.

Fast Data Refresh

InsightSquared automatically updates data hourly for most customers. No need to refresh manually or wonder if your reports are current.

Live Filtering

Filters and drill-downs are always live. Follow-up questions can be answered with a click instead of filing a request for a new pivot.

InsightSquared gets rid of the spreadsheets and provides the reporting that enables our go-to-market process.

Carter Perez, VP Worldwide Sales Cogniance

Pipeline Growth

Boomtrain Uses InsightSquared To Create Cross-Team Transparency

Boomtrain needed an analytics solution that would align the team around business objectives -- and not focused on data management. InsightSquared provided them with live, up-to-date dashboards and business reporting.

Our forecast accuracy increased 32% after two months of using InsightSquared.

Nick Edwards, CEO of Boomtrain, uses InsightSquared to keep his marketing and sales teams aligned and make better decisions about growth.


Sales Performance Analytics that Powers Growth and Efficiency

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