Sales Performance Analytics

Provide management with answers, not more questions

Get out of “spreadsheet mode” to show your full strategic value.

Spend less time in Excel

You have a love-hate relationship with Excel. You can build sophisticated spreadsheets in no time, but maintaining the files and enforcing version control quickly become your biggest time drain. InsightSquared helps you equip sales leadership with the reports they need while relieving you of file management burdens.

Presentation-Ready Reporting

Excel may produce basic graphs, but it’s not a data visualization tool. InsightSquared’s reports, however, are always ready to be dropped into a presentation for management or even the Board.


InsightSquared reporting goes well beyond your CRM data. Our Connectors to more than 50 business applications allow you to take a complete view of your business through virtually any lens.

Comprehensive Library

InsightSquared offers a comprehensive library of preconfigured reports for the questions you need to answer today.

Live Filtering

Filtering is completely live – review reports by different teams, product lines, or nearly any other field without needing to export and massage data.

How TrackMaven Sales Ops Uses InsightSquared

Pipeline Count

React ahead of time if you realize a pipeline shortfall is coming

Activity Ratios

How your sales group is performing and if they’re becoming more or less efficient over time


Top Rated for Success

InsightSquared ranks #1 for customer satisfaction on TrustRadius. Tech executives and leaders who need rapid access to answers on running their business are happy with InsightSquared.

“As the admin, I have the capability to setup dashboards for different users who may not be as tech-savy.”

Amanda Matczynski, Wolf & Company, P.C.

Provide more certainty

Sales leaders want answers to complex questions, and they want them now. Many of these last-minute requests require you to export data from your CRM, combine it with data from third-party applications, then build custom reports in a spreadsheet — a time-intensive process in which speed and precision are mutually exclusive. But not with InsightSquared.

Know Why the Best are Better

Show Sales Leaders what top performers are doing differently.

Advanced Analysis Tools

Use revenue cohort analysis to demonstrate the impact of new sales process.

Quota Heatmap

Track individual employee performance via quota heatmaps.

Ramp Rate Analysis

Cohort new reps by quota attainment to identify ramp outliers

How Chute Sales Ops Uses InsightSquared

Push Rates by Employee
Ramp Rate

Add (even) more value

When you’ve broken the Excel management cycle, you’ll find you have capacity to explore complicated questions and arrive at answers that can alter the trajectory of the business.

Report Builder

Custom-create your own data visualizations of just about any slice of your CRM data.

Won / Loss Analysis

Analyze your win and loss cycles to better understand what happens to opportunities at each stage of the pipeline — and replicate successes.

InsightSquared helps our sales and marketing teams recognize trends that would have been missed through standard reporting tools.

Adam Vavrek, Director of Marketing Operations, Skyword

InsightSquared has given us the ability to take a deeper dive into our sales funnel and really be able to pick it apart like never before.

Robin Danahy, Salesforce Administrator

Report Builder
Won/Loss Analysis

Veracode Uses InsightSquared To Enable Sales Operations

Veracode needed a solution for Sales Operations to rapidly and accurately answer the questions of sales leadership. InsightSquared provides them with detailed reporting on every factor of sales performance in one place.

Reports and graphs all come out of the box with InsightSquared, and it takes me minutes rather than hours.

Brian Levin, Director of Sales Enablement at Veracode, uses InsightSquared to answer executive questions quickly and accurately.


Sales Performance Analytics that Powers Growth and Efficiency

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