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If you value knowing your business and have a need to understand quickly so you can act efficiently, I’d encourage you to consider InsightSquared.

- Christian Prusia, VP of Worldwide Sales

What is this?

As part of our work integrating with customers' operations and compiling dashboards we have observed patterns that are common among high-performing sales teams in how they use For example:

  • Close Date usage
  • Campaigns and Lead Source
  • Field Validation

What can I do with this? is a powerful tool when used to its utmost. Learn how to use it to turn your sales team into a high-performing precision machine.

  • Add and change custom fields in the right places
  • Configure your stages and workflow
  • Get more actionable data coming out

What is InsightSquared?

InsightSquared is an easy-to-use reporting suite that makes it simple to measure the execution of your company via industry best practices, right down to the individual employee. Actionable reporting is just one part of a high performance sales machine.

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