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At an agile company like Fliptop, we don’t have the budget or bandwidth to have a dedicated admin. InsightSquared takes care of the weekly reporting that a full-time employee would otherwise need to do.”

Jessica Cross
Director of Marketing


Now I feel like I have the insight I need to get my sales team to kick some ass.”

Logan Soya


In addition to saving about $50,000 on the business intelligence tools and services of competing products that were more cumbersome, InsightSquared helped the company drill down on its own sales process to identify areas that required attention.”

Jonathan Hill
Director of Sales Operations


I use InsightSquared when creating my pitch deck for investors. I take screen shots of the DSO, Invoice and Customer Payment reports. These lend some credibility, especially because they come from our internal system and show exactly what the system says.”

Paul Nadjarian
Founder and CEO

Mojo Motors

We have Marketo, we have Salesforce and we have InsightSquared.”

Rick Palmer
Sales Operations Manager


What’s great about InsightSquared is that if I’m looking at sales data, and I’m wondering about anything, within 2 or 3 clicks I can have that report in front of me. That’s what makes it so powerful – you don’t have to wait for anyone to build that report for you. You can get a lot of data incredibly fast.”

Thorben Grosser
Manager of Business Development


The team has been great, the selling process amazing – and their understanding of Salesforce, helped us out even more than we get from our Salesforce team! So we’ve been able to improve our processes in Salesforce, that in turn helps us make better use of InsightSquared.”
Vivian O

Vivian O, CEO

Armada Human Capital

InsightSquared is the only reporting tool we’ve found with out-of-the-box early funnel reporting. The user interface itself is clean, intuitive, and the reports themselves are awesome. The drill-down capabilities are better than any other reporting tool I’ve ever seen.”
Katie B

Katie B
Marketing Automation and Database Specialist


InsightSquared makes elaborate data easy to understand, so as not to overwhelm a peer when trying to make a point.”

Ryan C, Marketing Manager


Even if we’re not competing against each other, we’re competing with each other. We use InsightSquared as a means of collaboration for monthly and quarterly goals as a team.”
Christina Lanham

Christina Lanham
Manager for E-Learning and Digital Services

Industrial Training International

Because of InsightSquared we have a better day to day handle on how effective our programs are in driving the right amount and quality of leads into our sales team.”
Andy Young

Andy Young, Chief Marketing Officer


With InsightSquared, we’ve virtually gotten rid of our Excel spreadsheets and are now using InsightSquared as our point of truth, our data point of record. This has helped us accelerate the growth of our business by over 40%.
Carter Perez

Carter Perez, Senior Vice President


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InsightSquared unlocks all of the information in Salesforce and makes it visual and actionable for my sales and marketing teams. It helps us determine what deals have a lot of positive activity and shows us which ones are going stale so we can act on them. It ties our marketing campaigns to our sales and shows me the ROI for all our campaigns. I went years looking for this solution and finally found it three months ago.”
Andrew Angus

Andrew Angus, Owner and Founder

Switch Video

InsightSquared was the simplest application that we have plugged into Salesforce in 5 years. The implementation process was seamless and we were able to analyze data within 24 hours. Navigating within the tool itself is very intuitive for admins, sales managers, and sales reps alike. The customer service at InsightSquared is among the best I have seen. Overall, it’s the ideal application for analyzing Salesforce opportunities any way you can think of.

Mandy Febus, Marketing and Advertising


This was one of the fastest trials and successful implementations I have ever been a part of.

R. Salemo


WOW great stuff.
Shaun Androff

Shaun Androff, VP of Client Relations


This is awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!
Bill Fries

Bill Fries, CEO


InsightSquared provides the analytical framework every manager wants or should want! They are easy to work with and train us according to our needs. Now, for the first time, I can get clarity about where my business is now and where it’s headed; and I can take appropriate measures.
David K

David K, VP of Sales


These reports allow us to dig into why certain value ranges have high or low win rates. It becomes really valuable as we leverage filters to add another dimension to the data.
Adam Price

Adam Price, Sr. Marketing Manager


I love you guys. We get marketing data that matters. We use campaign reports, marketing pipeline contribution reports and measure how marketing impacts revenue.

Allie Kelly, Head of Marketing


InsightSquared is a valuable application that allows our clients to expand their knowledge of business processes and their sales effectiveness through data intelligence from within Salesforce.
David Franklin

David Franklin, VP

Ventas Consulting

Awesome-sauce. I love your product. Thanks for doing what you do and having a great support staff! You guys are better than having a retained Salesforce consultant.
Joe Schipani

Joe Schipani, VP of Business Development


InsightSquared is easy to use and provides great reporting and analytics. The visual look and feel lends itself nicely to quickly analyzing the data that’s important to us – ensuring we stay on track with our business goals. Great team, great product!
Pamela Habing

Pamela Habing, Talent Sourcer

People First HR Services

The power of visualizing “big data” is unparalleled. I can get my arms around both our rep and per unit economics extremely quickly. The sales results tab helped us showcase our bookings trajectory and tell a compelling story to our potential investors when it came time to raise a round of funding. No other tool is able to do this.
Christian Prusia

Christian Prusia, VP of Worldwide Sales

Jama Software

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I use a product called ‘Inside Sales’ and I accidentally typed in ‘Insight Sales’ and your name popped up – and it was the best mistake I’ve ever made. You guys by far have the best product I’ve ever seen that visualizes big data. I absolutely love it.
Mike Hummel

Mike Hummel, Sales Strategist


InsightSquared is a fantastic sales management tool. We now have the visual reports of our sales and marketing in just a few seconds and we could never get these from our CRM in the past.

Steven Carter, SVP of Operations

Visible Measures

I tested out your new Send Report function, and it’s awesome! I check it every morning, and it shows how my recruiters are hitting their top activity metrics.

Nick Nordin, Tech Recruiting Manager

Bridgeview IT

Are you a magician? I really appreciate your work and I am super impressed with how thoroughly and quickly you understood the reporting system we’re trying to put in place.

Sarah Kaiser, Technical Sourcer


You can’t sell InsightSquared in Denver. I don’t want the competition using my competitive edge.

Rolf Kramer, President


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InsightSquared minimized board reporting time, cutting an entire day from the process.

John Eyres, Managing Director, Hong Kong Office

Links Recruitment

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InsightSquared: great team, great product, great company. Work with them or for them if you can. You will not be disappointed.

Steve McIntosh, CEO

CML Recruitment

InsightSquared is, selfishly and going out on a limb, the best technology we’ve ever invested in.

Lisa Iannone, Vice President and Senior Partner

Hobson Associates

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We are already making more placements. We’re seeing return on it already.
Bill Fries

Bill Fries, CEO


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When we first saw the demo [we] said, “this is exactly what we’re looking for.”

Brian Murphy, President

Vertek Solutions

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Overnight, it was like a light coming on for us. Very quick wins.
John Bethell

John Bethell, Co-Founder


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I have a lot of vendor relationships. This is the only one that feels like a true partnership.

Ed Williams, President of Int’l Staffing Division

Bayside Solutions

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Revenue this year, in part because of InsightSquared and our increased productivity, is tracking to be the best in our 13-year history.
David Hayes

David Hayes, CEO


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