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Nathaniel Lin

The business analytics industry is undergoing a revolution, and Nathaniel Lin, the founder and president of Analytics Consult, is urging it on.

Lin has more than 20 years of experience in analytics and has seen the changes first hand. As the former Head of IBM Asia Pacific & Worldwide Analytics Center of Excellence and VP of Customer Analysis at Fidelity Investments, he saw the first wave of expensive and inaccessible data analytics. As data analytics has become more mainstream today, he is constantly thinking of how businesses can better utilize analytics.

“A lot of business leaders go in and start incorporating analytics with great intentions,” he explained. “They don’t always end well. When you apply analytics you need to be able to ask the right business questions — those that will give you the biggest paybacks.”

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Lin is also the author of the book Applied Business Analytics, which aims to bridge the gap between analytics and execution. Lin believes that today’s analytics professionals have to better integrate within businesses in order to provide value.

In this exclusive 25 minute interview, Lin explains how changing technology has allowed everyone to access powerful analytics, including:

  • The decreasing costs of analytics
  • The ease of use of new analytics technology
  • How analysts can better support businesses
  • The future of business analytics
  • …and much more.

Get analytical advice from Lin on running your business by the numbers in the newest episode of the Ramp podcast.

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