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The Dreamforce 2015 Agenda Builder is officially live. This tool is for registrants-only and allows attendees to discover and select the specific sessions that they want to attend in order to plan out each of the four days accordingly. Or, as Kurt Smith, Salesforce’s Director of Event Content Strategy put it, “Agenda Builder is like a secret handshake, if you know how to use it you can unlock the doors of Dreamforce and gain access to all the wonders we have to offer.”

Between the 1,600+ sessions, 100+ hours of training, various workshops, and partner sessions, Dreamforce is a lot to navigate. The agenda builder is a helpful tool to sort through it all and get the most out of your time there. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you get started:

  1. Use the new personalization and expert pick tools: Salesforce has added a couple of new features this year that are definitely worth taking advantage of. The personalization tool allows you to see recommendations based on your preferences around product, role, theme, and industry. Additionally, Salesforce has identified a list of subject-matter experts to tag “can’t miss sessions” that you can easily filter out by selecting “Expert Picks” at the top of the agenda builder.
  2. “Favorite” before you “book”: As you start to go through all of the many sessions, use the “favorite” feature by clicking the star icon before registering for it and booking a seat. Once you favorite a session, you can view them using the “show favorites” filter, as well as going to the “My Agenda” page. This allows your to view all of the sessions that interest you in one place, see if there are any redundancies or timing conflicts, and then narrow it down from there.
  3. Dreamforce reserves 25% of all seats for walk-ins: This is important to keep in mind while planning out your days. If a session you’re interested in is booked up, all hope is not lost. Plan ahead to get there a little early to make sure you can grab one of the walk-in seats. On top of that, use the freedom to walk into sessions to your advantage. Don’t overbook your days, and give yourself some flexibility to network, attend sessions you learn about while there, and explore other parts of the conference like the Cloud Expos, Zones, and Customer Success Showcase.

For a more in-depth walk-through of the agenda builder, check out Salesforce’s video demo or step-by-step guide below.

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