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There are a lot of salespeople in the world today.

A quick search on LinkedIn for “sales” filtered by “people” yields nearly 32 million results.

Sales is one of the most popular careers in the world because every company needs people to sell their product. Without salespeople, most businesses wouldn’t stand a chance.

But many of these sales professionals have just started their careers, without much of a clue as to where they’re headed.

Do you know where your sales career will take you?

To help you think about possible roles you could move into, we put together this Sales Career Chart.

Check out our sales career paths chart »

Now you can see how you can work your way up from Sales Development Rep to Chief Revenue Officer. Or, you can look into different routes in channel sales or sales operations, which are both becoming increasingly important fields.

And if you’re thinking about a cross-departmental transition, discover how marketing roles align with sales positions.

If you’re ready to take your sales career to the next level, check out our Sales Career Chart today.

Download the Chart Now


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