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What is InsightSquared?

InsightSquared is the best Sales and Marketing Analytics product for your growing customers.
Together, Salesforce and InsightSquared empower SMBs to run their businesses by the numbers. By combining Salesforce.com’s comprehensive CRM data with InsightSquared’s powerful, simple analytics, we can help companies know where they are today, where they came from and where they’re heading across key sales metrics

Business Analytics For Growing Teams

InsightSquared delivers insights into their leading business drivers – Like sales cycle length, win rates by stage, and win rates by deal characteristics like age, days in stage, and size. Reports are presented in a clean, visual style so they can be directly copied into presentations for management and board meetings.

Leaders Love InsightSquared

InsightSquared is built to be used by real business users, not just professional analysts. Pipeline Management Dashboards help customers visualize pipeline growth, identify opportunities at risk, and measure progress towards bookings goals. Sales Activities Dashboards display the entire sales process from phone call to close, allowing leaders to identify inefficiencies in their sales process and make changes to convert their team’s efforts into results.

With InsightSquared, we’ve virtually gotten rid of our Excel spreadsheets and are now using InsightSquared as our point of truth, our data point of record. This has helped us accelerate the growth of our business by over 40%.
Carter Perez

Carter Perez, Senior Vice President


Incredibly Fast Time To Value

In less than 48 hours, our customers are up and running on our user-friendly web app with instant access to more than 400 reports that analyze every aspect of their sales and marketing efforts. Dashboards can be created centrally and shared by Sales Operations or other leaders, and shared throughout their organization.
InsightSquared was founded with the mission to change the way that SMBs are run by providing them with visual, actionable, and affordable insights. We deliver real business analytics for real business people at a reasonable price with no IT experts required.

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