Salesforce packs quite a punch, but it can seem unwieldy at times.

Admins and developers know this best. They spend most of their time in the CRM, which can be frustrating. That’s why they drink.

But Salesforce doesn’t have to be a continuous source of frustration. Using a few Salesforce hacks can make life as an admin, developer, or power user so much easier.

Recently, there was a thread on /r/salesforce (a community for Salesforce users on Reddit) that asked:

What is the best Salesforce hack you know?

Below are the 12 Salesforce hacks recommended by Salesforce vets in the thread:

1. Run Scheduled Jobs Faster

“This only affects developers, but working on scheduled jobs can be very frustrating to desk-check. To run it, you have to schedule it to run, wait a few minutes, check the results, unschedule it, make your changes, repeat.

To get around that, open up any custom object that has an ownership field and scroll down towards the bottom. You’ll see a little-used section for apex sharing recalculation. It’s supposed to be used for calculating permissions on that object, but you can tie any batch job to it. Add your scheduled job to the object, now you can run your job anytime you want with the push of a button.” [Source]

2. Shortcut to List Views

“Go to a list view of records by shortening the Salesforce ID in the URL to just the first 3 letters of the Salesforce ID.

To get to a list of Contacts, for example, shorten to

This should work with most standard and custom objects.” [Source]

3. Salesforce Search in Chrome

“Save the Salesforce search box as a search engine in Chrome (right click the search box, choose save as search engine, change the keyword to sf).

Then you can open a new tab, type sf and hit space, and you’ll be able to search inside salesforce from anywhere.

You can set up a separate one for searching the sandbox as well.” [Source]

4. Chrome Extensions

“Chrome extensions are time savers for me” [Source]

5. Eliminate Repetition

“Create Flows for any repetitive tasks that you find yourself doing often. Make it into a wizard, then put it as a Custom Link on your sidebar.” [Source]

6. Use Widgets

Use the admin widget (not sure of the official name) to get to object-specific admin pages quickly. If you’re in a tab/list/detail page for an object, you’ll see a blue tab-handle-thing with an arrow on the right side of the page; click that to open the widget.” [Source]

7. Email Alerts

Create email alert triggers for certain events that your users do (like object creation or field changes) you want to keep tabs on.” [Source]

8. Store Code

“I’ve written an apex class where I store all the snippets and pieces of code that I use intermittently. Sometimes it’s something to save for later. Sometimes is a method I can call from the Execute Anonymous window.” [Source]

9. Use Buttons

“My field people LOVE buttons. They are non technical and having a “do this” button means they don’t screw stuff up or rely on office people who do the task once every other month.” [Source]

10. Use Triggers and Flags

“Triggers are wonderful for hacking out a process. Triggers and flags.” [Source]

11. Merging Accounts

“Merge more than 3 accounts at once: [link]” [Source]

12. The Power of One

“Not mine, but on of my favorites: The Power of One.” [Source]


Looking for even more Salesforce hacks? Here are some other useful tips and tricks you might appreciate:

Did we miss any Salesforce hacks that make your life easier? What is the best Salesforce hack you know? Let us know in the comments.

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