Building sales reports sucks and we know it.

We’ve heard too many stories of our friends at other companies pulling all-nighters building sales reports in Excel for meetings and presentations. We can’t even fathom what that’s like – because, well, we have InsightSquared.

Imagine if building sales reports only took a few seconds and a few clicks. What would you do with the hours you’d gain back in your day?

Here are our suggestions: 

1) Go hiking/biking/running/walking

2) Cook a nice dinner for your wife/husband, complete with candles

3) Fix that squeaky door

4) Spend some impromptu downtime with your kids

5) Make a week’s worth of lunches to bring to work

6) Create a resource library for your sales reps

7) Fall into a Related Articles spiral – guilt-free

8) Make your own chicken wings for the Super Bowl

9) Go on a local brewery tour

10) Design a cool sales contest to pump up your reps

11) Write those thank-you cards from the holidays you haven’t written yet

12) Paint a room in your house

13) Grab coffee with an old friend

14) Catch up on reading

15) Catch up on Mad Men

16) Plan a getaway

17) Write a blog post for your company blog (the content team will love it!)

18) Volunteer

19) Get to bed nice and early

Ahh. Now isn’t that better?

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