If you want to learn a thing or two about leadership, ask the best leaders.  In sales management, as in any field, exceptional leadership is a critical asset; it is the foundation of a prosperous culture and a successful company.  Despite its importance, the rules of good leadership can be a bit of a mystery.  This illuminating list of tips was compiled from the knowledge of some of today’s top sales influencers.

1.       “Let your people share their goals with you, then modify them together.” – Jeffrey Gitomer (Click to Tweet) 

2.       “Take responsibility for the team’s failures – vs. placing blame.  Give credit for the team’s success – vs. taking all the credit.” – Dave Kurlan (Click to Tweet)

3.       “There’s no way to institutionalize or ‘corporatize’ niceness – it comes from the top person and permeates a place.” – Peter Shankman (Click to Tweet) 

4.       “Leading a team is not pulling reports in your direction.  It is creating the vision that everyone wins if they follow your path.” – Paul Leto (Click to Tweet) 

5.       “No matter your position or influence, there’s no reason not to take a healthy dose of humble pie every morning.” – Dave Heinz (Click to Tweet) 

6.       “You will hurt your team if you push them too hard without enough training.  They need time and encouragement and a good leader showing them the pace.” – Dan Waldschmidt (Click to Tweet) 

7.       “Don’t give loud and long speeches…Let [your] actions and results to the talking.” – Colleen Stanley (Click to Tweet) 

8.       “Let your employees tell you how to motivate them.” – Keith Rosen (Click to Tweet) 

9.       “The way we treat out team members is reflected in their actions – or non-actions.” – Paul McCord (Click to Tweet) 

10.   “Leaders are people who empower others to do seemingly impossible things, whether individually or as part of a group.  They help people see issues and opportunities they would not normally see themselves.  Most importantly, they instill a level of confidence in people that make them pro-active in dealing with situations they otherwise would be hesitant to handle.” – Mark Hunter (Click to Tweet) 

11.   “As a leader who wants to improve and grow to help others create better results, you must be on a path of learning.” – Kevin Eikenberry (Click to Tweet) 

12.   “The leader is not a transmitter of commands but a creator of motivational environments.” – Nido Qubein (Click to Tweet) 

13.   “Leaders push themselves up, while pulling others up.” – Waldo Waldman (Click to Tweet) 

14.   “The number one characteristic people want from their leaders is integrity.” – Randy Pennington (Click to Tweet) 

15.   “Leaders should not be out of touch with what’s going on in their minds and hearts.” – Dr. Tony Alessandra (Click to Tweet) 

16.   “Envision new markets your company could penetrate, and see how the sales team could do it.” – Kendra Lee (Click to Tweet) 

17.   “When we communicate as leaders, it is the listener’s view of what is honest that is paramount.  Not ours.” – Kevin Dwyer (Click to Tweet) 

18.   “An executive is only a leader if people choose to follow.” – Michael Beck (Click to Tweet)

19.   “Being a leader is a journey not a destination so I continually look for ways to develop my leadership skill as well as help others develop theirs.” – Craig Elias (Click to Tweet) 

20.   “Leaders must have a ‘safe house’ of others they can reach out to and share their thoughts and ideas with.” – Mark Hunter (Click to Tweet)

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