20 Tweetable Sales Quotes from Dreamforce ’14 #DF14Sales

And another successful Dreamforce ’14 is in the books! The keynotes – from the likes of Hilary Clinton (simply amazing!), Al Gore, Arianna Huffington and will.i.am – were spectacular, the sales-focused sessions were enlightening, the expo floor was full of eye-catching and interesting vendors, and Bruno Mars proved that he is one of the world’s best performers at the Gala. Presiding over the entire circus was the ultimate ringmaster, Marc Benioff, who delivered a stirring keynote himself. Simply put, there was a lot of amazing going on throughout the entire week in San Francisco.

And we were there to capture it all! In digestible, Tweet-able format, of course. With so many great sales minds in one place – or at least, one city – at the same time, we would be remiss in not collecting their best thoughts together and sharing them. Without further ado, here are the 20 Most Tweet-able Sales Quotes from Dreamforce ’14!

1) “Technology has put a higher premium on face-to-face meetings.” – Hilary Clinton, Former Secretary of State (Share this Quote!) 

2) “70% of the buying cycle is complete before the buyer engages with sales.” – Kyle Lacy, Director – Global Content & Research, Salesforce.com (Share this Quote!) 

3) “Companies should make a list of tasks the customer hopes to accomplish.” – Tristan Bishop, Sr. Director – Social, Informatica (Share this Quote!) 

4) “B2B customers want to see a lot of value before buying more. That requires a company-wide effort.” – Todd Berkowitz, Research Director, Gartner (Share this Quote!)

5) “As marketing converges with customer service and sales, marketing today is more about helping and less about hyping.” – Joel Book, Principal – Marketing Research & Education Group, ExactTarget (Share this Quote!) 

6) “90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years.” – Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce.com (Share this Quote!)

7) “We are only limited by your own ideas, not by technology. If you realize that, you can do big things.” – Nick Hamm, CIO, Trebkin (Share this Quote!)

8) “Learning agility is the key to success in sales.” – Jill Konrath, bestselling author of AGILE Selling (Share this Quote!)

9) “Engaging people is about meeting their needs – not yours.” – Tony Robbins, motivational speaker (Share this Quote!)

10) “Every moment is an opportunity to wow a customer, to make an emotional connection with a customer.” – Kate Leggett, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research (Share this Quote!)

11) “Lead scoring isn’t all it was cracked up to be.” – Jill Rowley, Founder and Chief Evangelist of Social Selling (Share this Quote!)

12) “Stop shoving product specs on millenials and teach them about business.” – Trish Bertuzzi, President and Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group Inc. (Share this Quote!)

13) “There is no such thing as a ‘warm’ call – it’s hot or cold. Hot has an introduction.” – Joanne Black, CEO and Founder of NoMoreColdCalling.com (Share this Quote!)

14) “You’re 3000x more likely to move an opportunity into the pipeline if contact within 5 minutes.” – Dave Elkington, CEO and Founder, InsideSales.com (Share this Quote!)

15) “Only 47% of all deals projected to close actually do close. Are you forecasting, or just guessing?” – Mark Hunter, Founder, The Sales Hunter (Share this Quote!)

16) “Sales and marketing must be in concert with regards to social selling.” – Koka Sexton, Social Marketing, LinkedIn (Share this Quote!)

17) “Communities establish a sense of permanency and social credibility that resonates with prospects.” – Colleen Francis, Founder and President, Engage Selling Solutions (Share this Quote!)

18) “Outbound prospecting is all about quality, not quantity.” – Aaron Ross, Author of Predictable Revenue (Share this Quote!)

19) “Salespeople are unable to learn anything unless it’s related to a deal they’re working RIGHT NOW!” – Mark Wayland, Sales VP, Salesforce.com (Share this Quote!)

20) “For women in sales, find mentors – different mentors for different needs.” – Debra Walton, COO of Thomson Reuters (Share this Quote!)
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