With so much data and so many industries in the business world, it can be challenging to track down relevant, insightful research that contains actionable takeaways.

We set out to combat this issue for staffing firms by creating the 2015 Recruiting Metrics and Performance Benchmark Report. Now you can see how you stack up against the competition and identify areas where you’re falling behind.  

We analyzed sales performance data from over 100 firms to find out what the best teams do differently.

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What’s in the Recruiting Metrics and Performance Benchmark Report?

The report focuses on 3 key recruiting metrics, broken down by contract and permanent placement:

  • Win Rate
  • Time to Fill
  • Job Order Pipeline

Before finding out what separates the best firms from the rest, we wanted to see how the average staffing firm performs. The infographic below highlights industry-wide averages for recruiting KPIs:

staffing benchmarks

After calculating these averages, we decided to dig a little deeper to discover what the top firms do differently. The results were surprising.

For example, did you know that the highest growth contract placement firms work the fewest job orders per month? Or that high-growth permanent placement firms are able to fill positions more quickly than their competitors?

To see what other results caught us by surprise, check out the 2015 Recruiting Metrics and Performance Benchmark Report today.

You don’t have to continue wondering how your competitors are performing and what more you could be doing to outpace them. Now you can find out exactly which benchmarks you should be aiming for in order take your recruiting efforts to the next level.


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