Spring has mercifully sprung here in Boston. It feels like we have not had windows-open weather in ages. It’s amazing what you see when the sun shines!

What I saw was dirt and dust. Don’t get me wrong, I try to keep things tidy, but it seems like dust and junk get the best of me in the winter months. What this realization meant for me was: it was time for Spring Cleaning. Though it’s not the flashiest way to spend a weekend, it’s a necessary project every year. Dust the shelves, move the furniture, run the vacuum, rid the closets of those pants you’ll never wear/fit into again. You know the drill.

Spring Cleaning is a great time to rid yourself of the cobwebs and excess “stuff” in every aspect of life, including work. For Staffing & Recruiting firms it’s a time to clean out the pipeline, tidy-up the data in your ATS, and dust off your sales and recruitment process. With that in mind, follow this Staffing & Recruiting Spring Cleaning Checklist to get started on a firm-wide spring cleaning of your own:

Purge the Pipeline:

We all have those Jobs that have been hanging around the pipeline for so long that you just get used to seeing them there. They become the running joke during every Monday meeting and the assigned-rep defends the glimmer of hope they received from the client just last week. It’s time to take action and remove it from the pipeline. There is certainly nobility in working an opportunity to the end of every rabbit hole, but at a point: Facts are facts. Job Orders that have lost momentum (i.e. have no activity logged against it in 2+ weeks), or are well beyond the typical time to fill for the assigned rep or the client should be purged. Don’t clutter the pipeline with Jobs that aren’t real.

Boost Data Quality:

Over the past few years the phrase “garbage-in, garbage-out” has seemingly become the slogan for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). It’s true, the information coming from your ATS is only as good as the information that is put in. The enduring issue is that garbage continues to pour in and then it sits; or even worse your team has abandoned process altogether. Now is the time to find the missing information that will help you assess the value of your sales pipeline and forecast more accurately. Determine if there are any habitual data-quality-offenders and enforce the rules (If it isn’t in the ATS, it doesn’t exist). Spring Cleaning is a great excuse to give your team a refresher on the key information that needs to be on every Job Order and every Placement to stop errors in their tracks.

Ditch Process for the Sake of Process:

How many activities do your recruiters and account executives need to track in order to make a placement? Year in and year out you track and capture activities and metrics around your recruitment process. You’ve never questioned why you maintain all of these spreadsheets but it has been accepted as a fact of life that everything must be tracked and arbitrarily measured. Blah blah best practices, 4-8 activities. Adding these ineffective, and downright tedious steps is killing your team’s ability to work effectively. Focus on the things you’ll actually leverage, that are scalable and can be used for coaching. Don’t go through the motions of tracking everything; manage the information that really matters.

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photo by Dave Crosby

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