3 Ways Analytics Help Staffing Companies See the Future

Staffing analytics are the modern, and much more accurate, version of the proverbial crystal ball. With the right tracking in place, you can see what’s coming up for your company and make quick adjustments to make sure you hit your goals. Here are three ways analytics can help you see the future.

1. See if you’re on pace to hit goals

There is nothing you want to know more than whether your company will hit or miss goals for the month, quarter, or year. The right analytics can show you a near real-time progress chart on where you are relative to the goal line, and also compare your performance to previous periods. Are you comfortably above pace, or do you need to seriously buckle down to hit quota? A bookings trajectory report will reveal it all.

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2. See what you’re expected to book

See the near future by knowing what your team expects to book in the next few months. Knowing the immediate revenue coming in can be a huge asset in short-term planning, especially in today’s volatile economy. A forecast like this can help staffing companies pivot strategy quickly when it comes to hiring, focusing on specific clients, or working hard on building a stronger pipeline.

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3. See your recurring revenue

Temporary placements eventually end, and with them so do your sources of revenue. Keeping an eye on when your recurring revenue is scheduled to end can give you a big-picture sense of what you need to do today to compensate for the ending contracts. A visual chart can show you at a glance when important end dates are on the horizon, so you can get your renewal processes started on time.

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