24 hours simply isn’t enough.

With even a few more hours in a day, just imagine what you could accomplish! You’d go to the gym more often, read more books, and you’d certainly close more deals each month. Just a few extra hours would be the difference between constant stress, and constant success.

However, you don’t need a time machine to get back a few hours in your day. If you’re not hitting your daily goals for dials, meetings, or other sales activities, there may be a time management issue behind it all. Stop struggling to squeeze everything in that you need to do today, and get more organized and strategic with your daily planning.

Here are a few tips, tricks and practical tools for sales reps to get back a few hours in their day, and get more done in less time than before.

1. Automate Basic Tasks

There are a number of ways that sales reps can save time by automating common daily tasks. There are many great sales tools out there that can do much of the grunt work for you. For example, Yesware can autofill Salesforce data and Boomerang automates follow-up emails to engage prospects at just the right time. There are also tools like Zapier that integrate all your apps and tools that connect with LinkedIn, notifying you when a prospect has been promoted or their company announces a merger. Utilizing these technologies strategically turns time-consuming and manual sales work into instant results, saving you tons of time.

2. Plan Ahead

It may seem like a small thing, but some simple planning and careful organization can save almost as much time as those high-tech tools. Every sales rep should keep a strict calendar, with every meeting, every call, and every section of the day outlined in detail. Organizing your day allows you to know exactly what you’re working on first thing in the morning, so you can start work quickly, better prepare for meetings in advance, do more research on prospects, and always be ready for what’s next. You won’t waste any time between meetings or throughout your day, and will be able to maximize time spent on every activity.

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3. Work in Batches

Part of planning and organizing your day is outlining time that you can work on specific tasks. Working in batches can be a huge time saver because it allows you to work more efficiently. Instead of filling out data in the CRM after every call, you can save tons of time by doing data entry all in one batch at the end of the day.  Instead of writing one email to one prospect at 9 am, then another hours later and another at 4 pm, instead, try sending all of your follow-up emails in the morning using one of the tools above. You’ll save the time you used to spend re-opening your email, re-typing the same content, and sending another email. This is much more efficient than spreading out the work across the entire day, and allows you to focus more intensely on the work at hand.

4. Manage Meeting Times

Everyone always complains about having too many meetings and not enough time for real work. If you’ve encountered this problem, set a strict time limit on when you’ll attend meetings each week within your calendar. Instead of having lots of 30-minute blocks of meetings with many interruptions to your work, only have 1 hour meetings at specific times. For example, you could only allow meetings in the afternoon, so that every morning you’re more productive and can complete batches of work. Don’t just make this a policy, but actually block it out in your calendar. This means no one can talk you into taking a meeting when you should be working on something else. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish with fewer small meetings cutting into your productivity.
Time savings are all about finding small improvements across many different aspects of your daily routine. By cutting out just a few minutes from basic tasks, staying more organized, having set meetings, and automating work, you’ll start to get a lot of time back. With a few more hours in each day, just imagine what you can do!
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