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Part of the power of sales analytics tools is the ability to quickly track your team’s progress over time using a number of different metrics. When this process is simple and fast, it opens up a powerful avenue to improve sales: rapid experimentation.

Marketers aren’t the only people who need to experiment and test. It’s just as important for sales teams, especially inbound sales teams with high volumes since they can get results so quickly.

If you’re just getting started improving your sales process, here are the five you should try first.

1. Varying the Message

If you’re someone who spends their day making calls, you’re probably leaving a lot of voicemails and making a lot of 30-second elevator pitches to open the door to further conversation. So let’s state the obvious: your messaging matters. And that’s the perfect thing to test.

Try using intrigue to peak their interest. Trying comparing yourself directly to a competitor. Try straightforward clarity. Try using humor. Along the way, measure the conversion rate for each approach so you know what’s working best. You can then check the data to see if certain calls had a better conversion rate into demos (a simple way to do this is to A/B test different sales scripts one week over the next). See which one was the winner and iterate on it for the next test.

Activity Efficiency

2. Finding Pain vs. Discussing Benefits

Some prospects know they have a problem and are looking for a solution. Others haven’t yet realized they have a pain point. So if you’re selling a new product or service, test two different approaches. The first is playing the role of the investigator—spend time asking them how they’re doing things today and what their pain points are. And then pitch your solution as a specific remedy to their recognized problem. This often results in higher win rates, but it takes longer and requires reps that are good at thinking on-the-fly and who have especially good social skills.

Alternatively, sometimes you can make quicker and higher volumes of sales (even if your win % is a little lower) by simply pitching your benefits. Give your prospect the overview of what problems you solve and hope they recognize the value.

The truth is that both can work, so you need to look at the data.

3. Trials vs. No Trials

Demos are common early in the sales process. For prospects that aren’t quite ready to buy, a (free) trial can be a natural next step to push them over the edge. But trials can also sometimes backfire. They drag out the buying process, and if the trial requires any effort on your team’s part, it can waste resources. So try both. In particular, try to segment your buyers and see which respond best.

A good insight into what might work for your company? Check out your sales funnel and see if you see people falling out of your pipeline at the trial stage, more so than other stages. If so, perhaps it is an indication that your trial process needs to be experimented on.

Sales Funnel

4. Automation vs. No Automation

Calling Automation Software can help you waste less time dialing previously dialed numbers that had no response and leaving messages. But is the software worth the price? It depends. It depends on your sales team and how familiar they are with the tool. It depends on your call:connect ratio. It depends on where your prospects and leads come from. So make sure you have your sales reporting tools in place to measure your call ratios, and then have a couple of your reps demo the software. With the right analytics, it’ll be easy to tell whether it’s a good investment.

5. Appointment Setters vs. Full Sales Rep Ownership

For both inbound and outbound teams, appointment-setting services can be a great way to scale your sales efforts while your marketing team is still ramping up. Or they can be a nice supplement to marketing and your sales development reps. But let’s not kid ourselves—we’ve all shown up to some of those appointments and had some shoddy meetings. The cost of these services is too high not to measure the ROI and compare them to the conversion rates and ROI of your other two sources: marketing and outbound calling.

Want to see how InsightSquared helps measure your overall productivity and track the results of your experiments?


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