7 Top RevOps Webinars from 2019

This year at InsightSquared, we covered a variety of topics in our webinars, from RevOps process and rep coaching to marketing attribution and pipeline management. Keeping tabs on all this great content is never easy, so we’ve compiled a Best of List with top webinars from our team and partners, to guide you into the new year!

Trust your data. Trust your forecast. Olono + InsightSquared

Sales Activity is one of the most effective predictors of sales success. Yet, today a massive amount of sales activity data is invisible to sales leaders. 90% of sales activities are simply not captured. Yes, only one out of every 10 meetings, contacts, emails, etc. is recorded. Which means all the decisions reps, managers and leaders make is based on limited—very limited—information.

This creates huge risk: everything from missed forecasts to lost rep productivity to customer churn. That’s where AI-powered guided selling systems, such as Olono, enter the equation and fill in the gap of sales data and actionable insights. In this webinar, you will get a first look at the features and functionality and learn how InsightSquared with Olono helps quickly bring visibility to your 2020 pipeline.

The Surprising Truths About Effective Rep Coaching – Build Capability for the Long Term

When asked about coaching, sales reps report their managers only focus on the deals right in front of them (i.e. closing out this period). In this webinar, learn how to move beyond the bottom line and build capacity in your team.

Matt Cameron, Founder of SaaSy Sales Management, Joe Caprio, VP of Sales at Chorus.ai and Dylan Rushe, Sales Director at InsightSquared, discuss how to build a coaching cadence that avoids ‘random acts of coaching’. Together, they’ll show you where to look in the data for coaching priorities, the best way to coach deals for long-term impact, and how to increase the sales velocity of your reps.

Spring Cleaning: Does Your Pipeline Spark Joy?

Is your pipeline healthy? What’s the quality of your open opportunities? Are reps holding on to opportunities for too long? You need visibility into the good, the bad, and the ugly in order to understand your pipeline hygiene. This on-demand webinar dives into they many ways you can get more out of your pipeline. Key topics include:

  • How to identify poor pipeline hygiene
  • Tips on changing rep behavior to improve pipeline health
  • How better pipeline hygiene will lead to a more accurate forecast and better pipeline management

Marketing Automation and the (Growing) Need to Improve

Today’s marketing success relies heavily on deep analytics—analytics that allow marketers to act smarter, faster, and with more thoughtfulness than ever before—to not only gain the attention of today’s savvy B2B buyer, but to engage, nurture, and enable that buyer through the end of their decision-making process. With the capabilities MAPs currently provide, marketers are falling short—unable to report on influenced revenue, new pipeline created, and sales velocity metrics. And, without these insights, the sophistication of today’s campaigns is jeopardized, along with the tight coordination needed between sales and marketing.

In this webinar, Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing, and KC Lincoln, Head of Marketing, InsightSquared, discussed how today’s most successful marketers are overcoming these challenges, how they report on marketing’s impact and what’s in store for the future of marketing reporting

Mapping Your RevOps Process – Buyer’s Journey, Prospect Statuses, Buyer’s Role, and Opportunity Stages

One of the most common challenges sales and marketing teams face when growing is that the CRM no longer reflects the way their customers make purchase decisions. Stale marketing and sales definitions lead to meaningless reporting, and a business that is unable to make actionable decisions to efficiently grow. In this webinar, Jarin Chu and Natalia Creamer Kochem from OpFocus, Inc. help you ensure your definitions are working and driving towards business growth, whether you’re rolling out a new CRM instance, mapping processes to InsightSquared, or just looking to learn.

Master Your Sales Processes in Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce provides a number of features to build out and reinforce your sales methodology. When moving to Lightning there are additional options such as Path and the updated Lead Conversion page to consider. Making changes to your sales process requires planning, an understanding of the process-related features available, and some best practices for the transition.

In this on-demand webinar, David Carnes, CEO of OpFocus, Inc., steps through the various features available in Salesforce Lightning that can be used to reinforce your sales process. Then he’ll show how these can be combined in a step-by-step update in Salesforce Lightning (with many of these concepts applying to Salesforce Classic as well).

Measuring B2B Success with Buying Groups and ABM

While most B2B organizations recognize their buyers work in groups, marketing measurement has historically centered around individual leads. This lead-centric focus makes it difficult to plan for success, develop predictable conversion rates, and measure marketing contribution—ultimately standing in the way of robust sales and marketing alignment.

However, it doesn’t need to be this way. As more companies move to a buying group focus to support complex sales requirements and robust ABM programs, how should marketing measurement evolve?

In this on-demand webinar, SiriusDecisions Senior Research Director Ross Graber and Sherrie Mersdorf, VP Marketing at Evariant, describe and demonstrate how B2B marketers can build more accurate reporting and predictable demand models by concentrating on buying groups.

Overall, sales activity data puts confidence back into reporting for sales managers, as it leads to more accurate forecasts and pipeline reviews. But the values Olono delivers go beyond that. 

Olono identifies blind spots and then coaches both reps and first-line managers to improve how they are working deals in real-time. It understands engagement (which deals reps are working and how they are engaging—frequency, type, response), then correlates that data with historical wins and losses to understand the time and resources currently being deployed and how likely this effort will lead to positive outcomes. Olono then pattern matches, applying key parameters to the current pipeline and projections to see where the gaps lie.

That’s why InsightSquared teamed up with Olono to provide the most complete end-to-end revenue platform, connecting sales and marketing analytics with historical and real-time activity and engagement data to improve business decision-making and drive predictable results.

So if you think about it, this combination is a match made in heaven. Together we collect all the data and provide a complete view into what’s really going on in your business. Then we provide analytics to help you understand what you should do about it. And finally, Olono offers the Actions Engine, providing recommendations that put sales reps on the fastest path to close. The result, faster deal progression, a healthier pipeline, improved forecast accurately, and more.

Take a closer look at how Olono works with InsightSquared to provide deeper visibility into sales activity and prospect engagement and a much richer set of insights as well as the ability to take action right out of the gate, by viewing the full webinar available on-demand here, or reach out to us!