A New Era in Business Analytics

This week at his Dreamforce ’14 Keynote, Marc Benioff announced Wave, the product that launches the Salesforce.com Analytics Cloud. We’re thrilled that Salesforce.com, a trailblazer in the Software-as-a-Service industry, as well as our investor and partner, has established a new era in business analytics.

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Wave will be a powerful big data platform that “brings together a dynamic user experience, indexed search and a powerful computing engine into a single, vertically-integrated cloud analytics platform.” The platform launches today with banner customers like Honeywell and GE Capital.

With this announcement, Salesforce tackles a business intelligence industry with a long history of impenetrable complexity and adoption challenges. Wave is an important step to overcome these obstacles and bring advanced analytical capabilities to the Salesforce ecosystem.

However, even with Wave, the needs of small and mid-size customers are not met. InsightSquared was founded with the mission to change the way that small and mid-sized businesses are run by providing them with visual, actionable, and affordable insights. Our customers don’t have the resources of a Fortune 1000 company, a business intelligence team, or developers and analysts on staff, and they have been priced out of traditional BI. Instead, they partner with us to provide instant access to more than 400 reports that show how and why their business grows.

In the four years since our founding, InsightSquared has worked with hundreds of companies, and we always knew that there were many more that could benefit from a data-driven approach to business. That’s why today is so exciting for us: With the announcement of Wave, Salesforce.com brings business analytics to the main stage, where it deserves to be. We are thrilled to join them in ushering in the era of business analytics, and it is our continued mission to make sure that this message gets to every company, not just the Fortune 1000.