The late great Dr. Seuss once said “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Sure, this captures the attention of bookworms and library dwellers but knowledge is also king in B2B marketing. As a Field Marketer supporting the sales organization, it is critical to know the state of the business, the pipeline in each of our field territories and even drill down to an individual rep’s metrics to know how this data can drive our decision making and planning. The need to have this information at our fingertips could require enough spreadsheets, reports and charts to make your head spin. Enter, InsightSquared.

Understanding Pipeline Today

As a marketer with an account-based approach, it is important to keep the focus on generating net new pipeline from a given target account list. However, have you ever talked to a salesperson late in the quarter? They are laser-focused on bringing existing opportunities across the finish line. InsightSquared allows marketers to keep a pulse on what the health of the pipeline looks like and peels back the curtain on what sales is truly focused on at any given time. For a Field Marketer, the ability to drill down into the health of a pipeline in a particular region can inform what programs make the most sense and how marketing can support sales to close deals within their committed timeline.

Current State of Pipeline


Current State of Pipeline by Opportunity Type


Pipeline by Sales Rep

We do not live in a 1:1, sales rep to marketer world. I have yet to hear ‘you get a marketer and you get a marketer’ from a leadership team. However, advances in technology allow for not only prospects and customers to receive personalized marketing campaigns, but also for marketers to customize their approach to an individual rep, team or region. What is working in Chicago might not work in Denver. What Jane needs might be drastically different from what Jack needs to meet and exceed their individual goals. This is not a one-size-fits-all world. InsightSquared reporting allows marketers to drill into individual salespersons’ goal attainment without being another nagging interrogator asking “where are you with this opportunity?” In turn, a marketer can review the individual reports as they strive to tightly align with their sales teams goals and plan out programs that support individual objectives.

Pipeline Value per Employee


Pipeline per Opportunity Stage Per Employee


Overall Company Performance

Full disclosure – I have a deeper sales background than I do marketing. I also come from a family who has a long history of entrepreneurship. These two factors play into my yearn for understanding the overall business goals and performance of any organization. InsightSquared allows me to dig into the business analytics – the bookings for the quarter, the sales forecast, and once again – the health of the overall pipeline. This is CRITICAL for me to understand as we enter planning cycles and tightly align with our sales counterparts throughout the year. Having this data at the ready allows the marketing team to plan campaigns and programs that will ultimately increase annual contract value (ACV), funnel velocity, customer lifetime value and win/loss rates. Plus, it simplifies the process of tying individual goals back to the overarching organizational goals.


Overall Company Forecast for the Month


Overall Company Revenue Closed for the Month


Company Bookings Trending Over Time (Previous 12 Months)


How Much Has Been Booked per Account (Previous 12 Months)


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