All Marketing VPs Who Want to Fail Should Ignore Lead Trajectory

In recent years, the role of the Marketing VP has subtly shifted. It has gone from one where lead generation is the be-all-end-all to one where leads are just one part of a larger equation in which opportunity creation and bookings are also extremely important. However, this doesn’t mean that lead generation is no longer essential. In fact, quite the contrary — now more than ever, Marketing VPs must have a firm grasp of their lead trajectory efforts to ensure that they are producing enough leads — and emphasizing the right initiatives — to meet more demanding opportunity and bookings goals. Although they are now part of a larger puzzle, leads still form the cornerstone of any successful marketing operation, and ignoring this fact will ensure that you fail to perform your job correctly.

Do you know where you stand in terms of lead generation? Do you know which of your marketing campaigns are creating the most leads? These are just two of the questions that all Marketing VPs should be asking on a daily or weekly basis. And they are just two of the questions that we help answer in our recently released eBook, “The 12 Must-Ask Questions for Marketing VPs.”

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Having a clear picture of your lead trajectory will help you ensure you are on track to hit your goals, ensure that you prioritize the right marketing initiatives and help your company sustain growth. It is important to break down your lead trajectory by campaign so that you can tell which initiatives are contributing the most to your pipeline.

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