Altus Jobs is an Orlando-based recruiting firm that specializes in placing high-quality, qualified engineering personnel with design, construction, and engineering firms. Their founder and principal Saum Sharifi shared with InsightSquared the challenges of managing data in a growing organization.

Altus needed insight to continue their growth

Altus are on the growth path, having just moved into newer, larger offices to accommodate the team that they need to succeed. “We’ve set ourselves up for high growth in the next year,” said Sharifi. “We’ve got correspondingly high goals that we need to hit.”

This means a consistent sales performance and continued revenue growth. This is where InsightSquared comes in. To achieve these sales and growth goals they need to be able to measure and review team performance effectively.

“We were referred to InsightSquared by Bullhorn,” said Sharifi. Bullhorn is a staffing and recruiting CRM that helps teams efficiently recruit and manage their team. Bullhorn’s partnership with InsightSquared allows Bullhorn customers to take advantage of reporting and data analytics, specifically for recruiting teams.

“My partner [Patrick Sirmeyer] got in touch with them and laid out some of our reporting needs, and [Bullhorn] pointed us to InsightSquared as the best fit given what we were trying to do,” said Sharifi.

Data on team performance specifically was what Altus were looking for. The team wanted to follow industry best practice reporting methods and visualize performance by employee, client, and team. This meant everyone at Altus was consistently inspired to better themselves.

“We want all our recruiters trying to beat yesterday’s performance each time they come in the office,” said Sharifi. This allowed the team to focus on core KPIs and direct effort towards the areas that each team member needed to improve.

Automation and competitiveness have been the key to implementation

Sharifi put the work in up front to get everything working well with InsightSquared. “I did several calls with the InsightSquared support team to get all the reports configured properly, set up dashboards, and ensure we were getting everything we wanted.”

Taking the time is paying off. The team is now getting more accurate data and more comprehensive reporting than if they were just using Bullhorn. The secret consists of two proactive aspects of Altus’ implementation:

  • Constant usage among the team: The reports, dashboards, and emails are something that the team refer to and use every single day. With job order prioritization reports, the team can better prioritize their pipeline using historical and trend analysis.
  • Aggressive use of automation: To help keep the team on top of all their numbers, Sharifi has set up a significant amount of automation to make sure the team gets all the information they need but without the extra workload. This means that the team can concentrate on candidates. “All my recruiters are getting emails with reports on candidates they’ve put in Bullhorn, so they can stay on top of resumes and make sure they don’t lose track of candidates,” said Sharifi.

Altus’ approach relies on the natural competitiveness of sales teams. Automation is responsible for routing candidates. Recruiters will get access to the best candidates, but only if they are constantly updating Bullhorn with the correct information.

If they don’t, these resumes and candidates can be lost to other recruiters. This incentivizes them to put their notes into Bullhorn and take advantage of its increased power with InsightSquared. Individual recruiters can then customize their own reports to make sure they have all company, team, and candidate information in front of them at all times.

“They’re motivated to do the administrative work because it pays dividends when they’re getting reports in their inbox that surface resumes they might have lost to a teammate otherwise or simply forgotten about,” says Sharifi.

Immediate Benefits for Altus

The four key benefits Altus has seen since implementing InsightSquared are:

  1. Better quality dataRecruiters now see the importance of high-quality data. Without it, they won’t get the candidates they need to increase their performance and hit personal goals. With InsightSquared sitting on top of their Bullhorn data, it is much clearer where data quality is lacking, and both managers and recruiters are motivated to keep it clean.
  2. More competitive teams— One of Sharifi’s favorite features is “fullscreen mode.” This option allows managers to choose specific reports to exhibit to their team on large monitors. “We use InsightSquared to put reports on big screens around the office,” said Sharifi. “The measurement drives competition and helps us improve performance.”
  3. Complete visibility into the pipeline—For team leaders, they can now see everything happening within their team from a single dashboard. The can visualize the current pipeline, see individual recruiting activities, and the current bookings goals. They can then go back in time to see how the current state fits with historical data, and go forward in time and predict pipeline and revenues with current activity rates.
  4. Higher growth—This is the ultimate reason Altus had to add business intelligence to their current workflow. Though they have only just implemented this solution, Sharifi has already seen improved performance from recruiters and improved data within the company. By sharing these reports through InsightSquared with the finance team, he expects to see increased revenues and continued company growth.
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