It’s the last thing Sales VPs think about before they go to bed at night and the first thing that enters their minds when they wake up in the morning. It’s the topic of almost every conversation they have with their CEOs and the subject of nearly every email they send to their teams.

How are you going to hit your number?

This question has been nagging Sales VPs for generations and it will be nagging them for generations to come. But amazingly, all of this mulling and pondering and deliberating and contemplating has not produced a satisfying answer. Hitting your number, Sales VPs understand, is a complicated question that eludes any one simple answer.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a roadmap. Although hitting your number doesn’t boil down to a simple solution (if it did, every Sales team in the country would hit their number every quarter), there is a process that Sales VPs can follow to give them the best chance to hit their number month after month, quarter after quarter.

And now, for the first time, we’re letting you in on the secret. In our new FREE eBook – The Operational Manual for Inside Sales VPs – we give you the roadmap for hitting your number. How do we do this? By carefully looking at which things you can directly manage (hint: it’s activities) and which you can’t (hint: it’s sales results).

More than that, though, we dive deeply into how you can diagnose problems and what activities you should use to correct them. With a list of the essential KPIs to measure to help you increase bookings and the 9 key benchmarks to use to ensure your team is on pace to crush your goals, this eBook has everything you need to hit your number.

Download it today to start answering the one question that hangs over the head of every Sales VP!

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