August marks the official end of the summer. With pumpkin spices and caramel apples coming, the InsightSquared team gathers again for our monthly company lunch and the Recognition Dart. This month, the services,engineering and product teams took the lead in reviewing team performance and awarding two team members. And the winners of this month are (drumroll) Jennifer Fostel from the product team and Wayne Pritzker from the services team. 

Wayne was recognized not only within his team but across the company for his absolute passion for customer success, which has driven his willingness to get out of his comfort zone and take on challenges. Wayne has flipped countless customers from churn-risks over to avid champions of the product. Wayne is a post-sale ace in the hole.

It also became clear that clients love working with Wayne for his disarming style and the ability to help customers uncover their own needs and clarify action steps. With well-honed consultative skills, he has been providing clients value through sharing subject matter expertise in custom engagements. Wayne has been nothing but a rockstar member of the support team, constantly mentoring and helping new team members develop. Currently, he is assisting with spearheading the testing of a Managed Services offering, so we are excited to see Wayne’s future accomplishments with the services team. 

When talking about Jennifer Fostel, her team has only one word to describe her: energy. A real fighter who never gives up, Jen has pulled through many challenging situations as a Product Manager, all the while constantly providing support to other team members. Originally a Biomedical Researcher with a degree in Molecular Biology, over the years Jen discovered that her favorite products to build are those that connect directly with an end user through a software, a workflow, or a physical interface, and that brought her to InsightSquared. 

As a Product Manager, Jen has spent a significant amount of her career working to alleviate a customer’s pain points and create a new, positive experience, as well as providing support to sales teams. An amazing communicator and listener, Jen Fostel has become an integral member and a source of endless positive energy on the team.

When she’s not in the office, Jen can be found with her husband and her two-year-old daughter, criss-crossing the greater Boston area in search of that perfect first time homebuyers’ condo. 

August also sees the return of the summer event that everyone at InsightSquared looks forward to: the company outing at George’s Island. The InsightSquared team, both remote and on-site, gathers for a day trip to George’s Island every summer, a tradition started when InsightSquared was still a small team and has continued until today with a company size of more than 150 employees. However, there is one thing that never changed: the spirit!


There is no better way to take advantage of the warm weather than a day out in the sun without any work-related worries. For a day, the InsightSquared team got out of the office, took the ferry off Long Wharf North and enjoyed the summer sun on George’s Island. Priority of the day: to have fun. For those who have found it hard to turn off email or phone notifications, it is much easier to disconnect from work when everyone in the company is doing the same thing.  

Summer outing at George’s Island this year was the perfect time for the new faces at InsightSquared to get to know people outside their departments as well as the culture and the dynamic out of the office space. Over frisbie, volleyball, football and, of course, a nice outdoor BBQ, everyone got to know each other and become friends, not just co-workers. We appreciate genuine connections, and that’s why we are among the best teams in Boston. 

Some images of InsightSquared’s summer outing at George’s Island.


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