If there’s anything to be thankful for this year, it’s that you have a spectacularly awesome sales team. You’re grateful to work with people who come in early, stay late, and always work their hardest to bring in new business and close tough deals.

As a sales manager, you truly appreciate the high-performing reps on your team, but it’s even more important to understand why your team is so amazing. You should be constantly tracking sales performance metrics to help you see exactly how your team is functioning, who is improving, and who may need some additional sales coaching. It’s your responsibility to continue to help your team learn and grow, so you’re able to drive better sales results every month and year.

Instead of just being thankful for your sales team this Thanksgiving, use these specific metrics to track how each individual rep is working, how efficiently they are working, and how their sales results are improving.

High Activity Levels

Your team of sales reps is great at consistently inputting data and using CRM correctly, taking detailed notes about every call made and meeting booked. This enables you to easily track each rep’s activity levels on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

In this report, you can see exactly what your reps have been up to in the past week, month, quarter or even year. For Business Development Reps, you’re setting aggressive dial goals and tracking how many calls each rep makes per day. You also want to understand how many times reps connect with prospects, book a meeting, and source an opportunity. For Closing Reps, you want to track how many demos have been completed, how many deals have closed, and how many have been lost. This report helps you to better understand exactly how much your top reps are working, and help encourage the reps with lower metrics to step up and improve.

A Highly Efficient Team

While you want to know how much your sales reps are working and how many deals they close, it’s also important to track how efficiently every rep is working. It’s possible that the rep making the most phone calls could also have the lowest connect rate. That means that they’re not performing at the high level you would be led to believe, simply based on their work ethic and input.

This report helps you combine both how hard your reps are working, and the results of their work. In this report, you can see that Joe Smith not only has a high number of deals, he also has a high ratio of meetings scheduled to opportunities sourced. This means that he’s great at turning meetings into potential opportunities. However, he also has a high rate of no-shows on those meetings, which means he may be booking meetings based on false promises or other bad information. You can use this data to dive into how effective your team is in their jobs, and help drive improved efficiencies across your team.

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An Increasing Win Rate

Now that you know how your team works, you can consider the results they’re able to accomplish with their efforts. How many deals does each rep win, in comparison to the total number of opportunities they work?

This report shows you the win rate of every member of your team, in detail. You can clearly see that while Joe has worked the most opportunities, he has lost a significant number of them and has a win rate of just over 10%. In comparison, Andrea has worked fewer opportunities, but has a very high win rate of 80%. Without this report, you might think that because Joe does the most work, he is the better employee. Now, you know to give more opportunities to Andrea to handle, since she has the best win rate of anyone on your team. You can also offer coaching to Joe, to help him improve his win rate, and drive higher sales numbers across your team.


Now that you fully understand how hard your team is working, how well they’re closing deals, and how efficiently they’re doing it, you can better appreciate how great your sales team really is. With the data in hand to prove how well your team is performing, you’ll truly have something to be thankful for this year.


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