Bullhorn Live is in full swing in downtown Boston. The celebration kicked off officially last night with a Welcome Reception for all Bullhorn customers and a chance to catch-up and network with industry thought leaders and Bullhorn Marketplace Partners.

Thursday – JUNE 19

Breakfast & Opening Keynote

Bullhorn welcomed customers for breakfast this morning, and got  started with their innovative agenda with an Opening Keynote from Bullhorn CEO, Art Papas, who reflected on upcoming trends in the Staffing & Recruiting space, including an overview of the future of Big Data, an outlook of the world economy and its impact on job growth, and a few fun thoughts about robots taking over the world.

Papas also talked of a renewed focus on customer satisfaction as they continue their pace-setting growth. Much of their customer-centricity will be fueled by Bullhorn’s recently launched S Release, which they spent 3 tireless years building to meet the demands and needs of their clients. Papas explained that Bullhorn continues to strive to be an innovator and leader in Staffing & Recruiting, not just meet the demands and requests of their clients, and believes that this huge investment in their S Release launch puts them directly in that position. Based on the demos and breakout sessions we’ve seen during the show, we strongly believe it as well.

In addition to the Keynote this morning, we were able to pop in on a wide range of great breakout sessions, and chose a few that were especially impactful.

Breakout Session Highlights:

Everything You Need to Know About S Release

There were plenty of updates in the first “Deep Dive Track” this morning, which featured speakers from Bullhorn’s team covering the added form and functionality of S Release. From a slicker, more improved user-interface (UI) to dynamic lists and the ability to pre-program and save filters — it is obvious that Bullhorn has listened to customer feedback; they have stepped up the game to improve adoption, drive organization-wide use, and ultimately help teams move 40% faster.

Their team is hard at work on helping customers get the most out of their ATS and transition to the new, easy-to-use interface. Recruiters, managers, and executives alike will be thrilled by the consistent formatting, browser agnostic and tablet-friendly options, and new level of filtering and customization available.

Big Data in Staffing – with Jean-Paul Isson

Any session that starts with the line, “Big Data is like teenage sex…” is sure to get you hooked, but Jean Paul Isson sustained our attention for the entire session (the punchline: “Everyone is talking about it, but nobody knows how to do it.”).

Isson, VP of Predictive Analytics and BI at Monster, shared his wisdom on the 7 Pillars of Getting Value from Business Analytics which included laying out the process to productive analytics:

1) Identifying a Business Challenge

2) Having a Vision for Implementing Analytics

3) Laying a Data Foundation

4) Gaining Insights from Data

5) Execution and Measurement

6) Distributing Knowledge

7) Innovating with Analytics

He covered how Staffing & Recruiting firms can leverage analytics in: workforce planning, the recruitment process, talent acquisition, and talent retention as well. Much of his message came from his acclaimed book, “Win with Advanced Business Analytics”, which he shared with audience members at the end of the session.

Isson’s largest message for the small to medium sized businesses, like many of the firms in attendance, was to start with your “little data” and to build in small blocks. “Most big data is noise. Only 0.5% of data world-wide is being analyzed today. We need to listen for the signal, and not get bogged down by the noise.”

As analytics enablers in the SMB space, we could not agree more with Jean Paul. The easiest way to get started with analytics is to identify 1 or 2 key business questions you want to answer, and start small with Excel or an easy-to-use analytics tool like Tableau or, if you’re ready for more predictive analysis, Request a Free Trial of InsightSquared.

Creating a Unified Sales Process

Dan Fisher, IT Staffing Training Specialist and President of Menemsha Group, knows a thing or two about the importance of developing a scalable sales process: He learned the hard way by not having one in the beginning of his career. Dan has over 20 years of experience in sales and sales training, and shared his knowledge in the “Creating a Unified Sales Process” session as part of the “Growing Your Business” track at Bullhorn Live.

Dan’s recommendations were powerfully simple:

1) Make your sales process entirely customer focused: Customers buy based on their own actions, not yours.

2) Define objective sales outcomes: Make it crystal clear what each stage looks like so sales reps know when they can take the next step

Just like baseball players don’t improve their batting average just by taking more at bats, your sales team needs to be diligent on technique and process. They need to focus on their proverbial swing, stance and form before they can hit it out of the park.

How should staffing and recruiting firms get started? Dan suggests by starting with the end in mind. Organizations that don’t take time to map out change before engaging in training are merely putting a band-aid on their ailing sales efforts. Dan recommends having a change management and user adoption plan. In addition, staffing and recruiting teams need to map their sales process, including:

1) Defining your target market

2) Qualifying Accounts

3) Nurturing Leads

4) Taking & Qualifying Job Requirements

5) Candidate Submittal Process

6) Account Development

Ultimately, what it really comes down to for Dan is: process and coaching. Making sure your team knows how to proceed through the sales process, and spending more time coaching reps to adhere to the process and navigate the sales waters. When training efforts fail, it generally is not that the training isn’t good — it just needs to line up with your sales process. “It’s an absolute waste of money unless it lines up with your process.”

 Dan’s final thoughts? Make sure everything lines up (process, training, coaching, and compensation) and make sure your team has the resources they need to succeed, including sales playbooks and internal champions to stick to the process.


After a day of jam-packed sessions and events, we gladly kicked back and enjoyed Bullhorn’s Conference Party tonight, sponsored by Broadbean. Stay tuned for takeaways tomorrow, including tips on improving your productivity in Bullhorn, key sales tips, and a town hall session for all attendees.


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