The IS² Process: How We Get Sh*t Done

Our goal is to build greatness – we believe that results from building, not talking. Moments we take away from actively improving our technology come at a high cost, so we continually [...]

Robocop: Superhero, but Not a Savior

  Until recently, our processing has run on one of two types of machines: normal (16 gigs of RAM) or high-mem (32 gigs). We use these machines to grab a client out of a queue, update our [...]

Highcharts Hijinks

We at InsightSquared are big fans of the Open Source community, and one project that we’ve found very useful for rendering our complex analytics in a clean, straightforward manner is the [...]

How We Roll: Introduction

Say hello to the InsightSquared dev blog! This is where we, the dev team, will give you a peek behind our curtain. We’ll discuss some of the technical things we’ve learned, how we [...]