Why this former CRO joined InsightSquared

Congratulations InsightSquared customers. One month down, 11 more to go to meet and hopefully exceed your 2020 goals. 

I am Todd Abbott, the newest member of the InsightSquared Executive Team. I recently joined as President & COO and could not be more excited to partner with our founder and CEO Fred Shilmover to scale the company to its next level of growth. As a former sales leader and CRO at Cisco, Avaya, and most recently at Mitel, I am here with a vision to address three challenges that we all face in our businesses:

  1. It is time to improve the quality of our CRM data. Our research shows most companies have less than 10% of their activities accounted for in their CRM. I am sure many of you doubt this number—I was skeptical as well. However, it has been proven deployment after deployment. This is due to the reliance on cumbersome CRMs that were created as storage repositories, as well as the heavy burden placed on reps to provide the key data. The result is an inordinate amount of time wasted in funnel reviews and 1:1s to get clarity on the funnel and forecast the business. We know that sales activity is the number one driver of deal outcomes. Through the acquisition of Olono, we now have Activity Capture functionality that automates the collection of key deal data via a user-friendly interface, writing back to Salesforce. This is a game-changer in taking the sales reps out of the data entry business.
  2. It is time for sales managers to spend more time coaching reps. Today managers do not have the information they need or the time to coach reps in-the-moment based on the unique status of individual deals. They spend too many hours chasing down deal data, reviewing dashboards and reacting to last-minute pipeline surprises. We believe coaching is a priority and now offer tools that deliver real-time coaching to reps at exactly the right point in time. This personalized feed is user-friendly, guiding reps to the next actions they should take for each deal, while also proactively alerting managers to outliers and opportunities to step in.
  3. It is time to turn Insights into Actions. As a three-time InsightSquared customer, I have long-relied on the valuable Insights delivered through InsightSquared’s Sales Analytics’ dashboards—just as many of you do today. While I have been a big believer in InsightSquared, it was not until I was exposed to the technology acquired from Olono that I became not just convinced, but inspired to join the team. At InsightSquared, we believe decisions start with data. With Olono Activity Capture our customers can now ensure a complete and accurate view of their pipeline including engagement levels and adherence to key sales process steps. This data can be fed into your current InsightSquared dashboards enriching the reports you use daily; then used to drive execution through our Action feeds. 

InsightSquared + Olono is just the start. Our new capabilities address the consistent feedback from our customers: How do I translate the higher level insights reported in my InsightSquared dashboards into focused actions to improve the business results? 

I welcome the opportunity to share our updated vision and strategy and hear directly from you about your InsightSquared experience. We know that we cannot exist as a company if we are not helping you optimize your sales process and drive predictable growth. We take this responsibility very seriously and are privileged to be an integral part of your daily revenue operations.

P.S. If RevOps is in your plans for 2020, check out some lessons I have learned over the years in the webinar, Ramp to RevOps: The Proven Framework to Maximize RevOps Results.

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