InsightSquared believes in constantly pushing industry norms in order to create groundbreaking products our customers want. That was our mentality when we launched our staffing & recruiting analytics product with Bullhorn as our flagship Applicant Tracking System (ATS) just a few short years ago, and continues to be our mission today. Since our initial product launch, we’ve continued to iterate to deliver a staffing & recruiting reporting solution that is cutting-edge not just for technology’s sake, but crafted specifically for our users.

That is why we are so excited about Bullhorn’s new S Release: A huge leap in ATS innovation that provides Bullhorn users a 3x increase in speed, allowing recruiters and sales teams more time to focus on sourcing candidates and making placements. With the S Release, Bullhorn has taken the modern ATS to the next level and made a statement to their customers signaling their dedication to deliver a supremely powerful, fast, and easy-to-use ATS that secures their position as the industry leader.

As InsightSquared’s first, we are proud to continue our seamless integration with Bullhorn’s software. Joint customers will see immediate efficiency improvements across the board with the S Release, and with 40% fewer clicks in Bullhorn can easily translate these time savings more closed business.

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Fred Shilmover
Fred is the CEO and Founder of InsightSquared.
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