For the Fortune 500 companies who have been trying to decide which big Business Intelligence (BI) vendor to work with, this week’s announcement is exciting: Domo’s making a big commitment to serving your needs after raising $250 million in Series C financing. I’m a huge fan of having options in the vendor market, and now the big fish have even more choice for a solid BI provider.

This is great news both for Domo and for InsightSquared – it is further proof that the BI industry is really taking off. Watch out, Legacy BI, because Domo’s coming for your biggest clients!

Businesses of all sizes should check out InsightSquared. We’re here to disrupt the BI industry by arming even small- to mid-sized businesses with powerful sales and marketing analytics. Worldwide business for our sales and marketing analytics product grew by over 1,000% last year because InsightSquared is ideal for everyone, not just the big guys.

We are built with you – yes, you! – specifically in mind. Here’s why:

You can buy us without $200,000 of services

In fact, we have zero service and integration costs. Everything is done for you by members of our Customer Happiness and Engineering teams. You will never need a trained operator – because our ongoing support and biweekly product webinars are free, too.

You can be up and running in 48 hours, not 9 months

48 hours is all it takes, unlike legacy BI platforms which can take 9 months to install before they start delivering insightful data. Our customers who made the switch to InsightSquared tell us all the time how happy they are that our free integration and implementation process is remarkably faster than our competitors’.

At Dreamforce last November, InsightSquared made a promise: “Sales reports suck. We’ll build yours in 60 minutes.” Sound unbelievable? Well, we delivered on our guarantee – seamlessly. Our team implemented actionable sales reports in less than an hour for every user who registered at our booth.

You can preview our product for free

We hear Domo won’t give you a demo without first making you sign a nondisclosure agreement. Well, you can test drive our product without even talking to us!

We are so proud to show off what we can do, we offer free tools on the Salesforce AppExchange that are taken straight from our analytics product.

These include a free Sales Funnel, Sales Leaderboard, Lead Generation Report, and Sales Grader. Their purpose is to empower Sales VPs and managers to find ways to improve their team’s process and performance using metrics and historical data, giving them a small taste of what they can achieve with a robust business intelligence product at their fingertips.

Source: InsightSquared’s Free Sales Funnel App

We are also transparent about our pricing. We’re not sure what Domo’s charging their Fortune 500 customers in subscription or setup fees, but you can check out our prices pretty easily. No hidden fees, no surprises.

You benefit from our pre-built reports

Our platform comes with ready-to-use, actionable reports for objective sales forecasting, pipeline management and trends, rep-by-rep KPIs, and Sales-Marketing alignment. We also build custom reports for customers at their request – no need to do it yourself. (Who would want to go invent a regression-based forecasting module, anyway?)

You get a modern user experience, not a 10-year-old, acquired BI system

Domo’s entire BI system comes from Corda, a company they acquired several years ago whose product is even older and has been rewrapped in modern marketing.

Our platform is brand new, our data is fresh, and our user experience is instant – you can’t do that with old technology. With our modern BI platform comes modern technology and modern usability. We refresh our data anywhere from every ten minutes to once an hour – a feature our customers love – whereas Domo refreshes about once daily.

We are excited that the BI industry is gaining serious traction and we can’t wait to transform the way businesses are run forever.

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Fred Shilmover is co-founder and CEO of InsightSquared. Follow him on Twitter at @fredshilmover.

Fred Shilmover
Fred is the CEO and Founder of InsightSquared.
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