To truly excel in the field of customer service today, you’ve got to keep up with the latest trends and innovations. The best way to stay on top of things is to read blog posts from industry thought leaders.

But there are a countless customer service blogs out there – which ones should you be reading?

It can be time-consuming to poke around online trying to track down the customer service blogs with the most intriguing and valuable content. That’s why we put together this list of the customer service blogs you should be reading each week.

So without further ado, here are they are:

Help Scout

On the Help Scout blog, authors Gregory Ciotti and Paul Jun dive deep into customer service problems and provide actionable solutions. The writing style is captivating and the insights are thought-provoking. But this is much more than just a customer service blog – they also offer their thoughts on business growth and company culture. Plus, the user experience and design on their website are both incredible. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Check out:

Groove HQ

This site has an unusual – but clean – blog homepage that features a vertical timeline, making it easy to sort through posts from newest to oldest. Writer Len Markidan creates content that is genuinely useful and interesting to read. His blog posts are thorough and well-organized, often including clear visual examples to enhance readability. The Groove HQ support blog is jam-packed with juicy information.

Check out:


Unsurprisingly, this customer service platform has a top-notch blog. They feature a wide variety of writers and touch on numerous topics, ranging from best practices to engineering. Also known as Zengage, Zendesk’s customer service blog consistently produces fresh content to keep its audience entertained. They pump out infographics and even flex their creative muscles by creating fun videos. Always worth a read (or watch).

Check out:


Even though Salesforce’s flagship product is its CRM for sales teams, this Fortune 500 company has a quality customer service blog. Like Zendesk, they have a bunch of different authors. A common theme seems to be the evolution of customer service due to the rapid progression of technology – fascinating stuff.

Check out:

This customer service blog contains countless posts outlining best practices for service teams and case studies highlighting successful efforts. These posts tend to be on the shorter side, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t insightful. By being succinct and avoiding fluff, these posts get right to the point and save readers time, while maintaining real value. They post multiple articles a week, so this is a blog you can count on for fresh content.

Check out:


In this blog, author Tricia Morris writes about customer service tips and trends. She does a particularly good job of supporting her arguments by including research and data that prove her points. Similar to the Zendesk blog, the Parature blog regularly contemplates the future of customer service.

Check out:

  • To Engage Customers, Empower Employees with Knowledge
  • Infographic: 2015 State of Knowledge for Customer Service
  • 7 Ways Customer Service Can Support Sales
  • To Move Forward in Customer Service, Measure Outcomes Instead of Interactions


This customer service blog is owned by Flavio Martins, a Huffington Post top 100 customer service professional. He personally contributes to the blog consistently and has guests write posts on a regular basis. By encouraging guest post contributions while keeping high standards, Flavio is able to produce a steady stream of quality content. The primary theme apparent on this blog is optimizing the customer experience. Always worth a look.

Check out:

Shep Hyken

In the world of customer service, Shep Hyken is a prominent figure – just ask one of his 63,000 Twitter followers. He’s a customer service expert, New York Times best-selling author, and keynote speaker. Shep helps service teams create amazing experiences for their customers. His customer service blog focuses primarily on strategy, while posting weekly roundups and guest posts. This is one you’ll want to bookmark.

Check out:

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