Are you creating a data-driven sales forecast to get a better view into your sales team performance and the health of your entire company? InsightSquared is announcing the launch of our eBook on effective sales forecasting, “The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven Sales Forecasting”  for Sales VPs and Sales Managers.

The in-depth eBook covers the risks associated with traditional subjective sales forecasting methods, identifies the changes your need to take to get started with a data-driven sales forecast, and the key metrics to include in your overall analysis of opportunities. It includes the:

8 Best Practices of Data-Driven Sales Forecasting:

  1. Forecast by Pipeline Stages, not Forecast Stages
  2. Separate Pipeline Management vs. Forecasting Meeting
  3. Know The Company’s 4 Averages
  4. Know Each Rep’s 4 Performance Areas
  5. Inspect the 6 Essential Deal Metrics
  6. Manage Your Forecast Killers
  7. Look for Early Warning Signs
  8. Document the Process

… and focuses on how to make the transition from traditional “forecasting stages” like “commit, up-side” to objective “opportunity stage” forecasting, in order to measure your team and your overall success by the numbers, not by intuition. Want to get one step closer to data-driven sales forecasting and sales analytics?


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