The first day on the job as a Sales Development Rep can be overwhelming, tiring and exciting all at once. Many SDRs – including ours – start this job right out of college, with little sales experience and a lot of learning to do. Right off the bat on day one, they will start honing their sales skills and getting ready to make prospecting calls.

So what is it really like to be a new sales rep on the first day on the job at InsightSquared? I asked one of our newest SDRs, Amber, to share the experiences of her first day with me.

8:30 am –

On her first day, Amber comes into the office, grabs a coffee, and attends our Monday morning sales meeting. It’s not a quiet meeting – everyone in the conference room is clapping and cheering, celebrating the winners of a recent sales contest. After the commotion dies down, the data-driven focus of the sales team is immediately evident to Amber. The team looks in detail at the sales metrics for the week, including deals closed, meetings booked, activity levels and more. Our reps are very thoughtful and discuss their performance in detail. The Sales VP also reviews the overall performance of the team over the month, and what needs to happen in the next few weeks in order to meet company-wide sales goals.

9:00 am –

The meeting ends and Amber heads off to meet with Karen, the HR manager. Amber is informed about the policies of the company, benefits, 401K and more. She learns about the basics of InsightSquared, fills out paperwork, and makes the hire official.

10:00 am –

Amber meets with her sales manager to go over what her first week will be like and to set appropriate expectations. Part of her first week is simply familiarizing herself with the company’s value proposition and the InsightSquared sales pitch. Amber is given an exercise to complete by the end of the week. She’s given the names of 5 complete strangers who also work for our company and has to interrupt their day, introduce herself and give them a cold call pitch in person. She will describe our value prop, give a short pitch and be rated on her performance with suggestions for improvement. This will also give her a chance to get to know a few more people around the office during the week.

11:00 am –

It’s time for some assigned reading. Amber gets copies of the most vital sales books, including The Challenger Sale, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar. She also gets a copy of the sales playbook, which is our team’s sales manual. Lastly, she receives a few more important quick tip sheets, like our value prop tip sheet, sales inbound lead workflow and the Sandler Pain Funnel tip sheet.

12:00 pm –

Time to relax and have lunch with her new coworkers on the office roofdeck. Amber meets people from other departments and gets to know her coworkers better.

1:00 pm –

Time to spend an hour with a senior sales employee and gets all the necessary sales enablement tools configured and set up on her laptop. This includes: YesWare, Rapportive, Hubspot Signals, M5, and of course InsightSquared. She also gets her Salesforce login. Since it’s her first time using SFDC, her mentor gives her a quick primer to get her started and gives her some time to familiarize herself with the tools.

2:00 pm –

At this point, Amber will spend the rest of the day shadowing other reps and listening in on sales phone calls. She’ll grab a headset and listen as reps work to close deals, paying careful attention to how they overcome sale objections and schedule meetings. She’ll spend an hour with a senior SDR, an hour with another SDR on the team, and an hour listening to closing calls with an Inside Sales Rep. Amber is lucky enough to hear a deal close, and gets a valuable glimpse into the sales process. All the while, she keeps a list of questions that pop into her head to have answered later.

5:00 pm –

Everyone around her is still working hard. Amber logs onto her computer and starts to read up on the company, beginning to practice her sales pitch for tomorrow’s exercise.

6:00 pm –

Things are slowing down finally at the office, and Amber made it through her first day. Now she’ll have a beer with her sales manager, debrief on the day, head home and try to digest it all. Tomorrow will be another busy day.


This is how a typical first day goes for nearly all of our new SDRs.There’s a lot to take in and a lot to learn – luckily for Amber, all her best teachers are the reps already on the job around her. We give our employees the best training, resources and tools that we can, and expect them to catch on fast and start making calls.

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