(Don’t) Curb Your Enthusiasm – How a Sales Leaderboard Inspires Your Team

In a perfect world, your team of sales reps would come into work every day energized and motivated to make calls and close deals. In reality, sometimes energy can drop and sales reps can become discouraged by a lack of success. But there is a way to spark renewed excitement and engagement on your team – a Sales Leaderboard.

A review on the SalesForce AppExchange of InsightSquared’s Sales Leaderboard app raved that competition amongst the sales team “inspired incredible enthusiasm” across the team. The app works by publicly displaying exactly how many bookings each of your reps have made individually. Sales managers can highlight the Top 5 sales leaders each month or quarter, and recognize the best performers. Though a Sales Leaderboard seems like a small change to make, it can have a big impact on your entire team.

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The Sales Leaderboard uses gamification to turn monotonous sales activities into an exciting and friendly competition. Set up a big screen in a central location in the office and display the Leaderboard publicly, so everyone knows who’s in the lead and by how much. Sales reps are already a very competitive bunch, and the Leaderboard will push your reps to work harder to beat each other, all while enjoying the fun of the game.

When your top sales rep for the month sees her name displayed on the screen, she’ll feel powerful from the positive reinforcement for a job well done. The Leaderboard isn’t just about the financial reward, but also about the bragging rights of being the best. By making selling into a game that can be won and lost, you will help your team drive to succeed every day.


As the competition heats up thanks to the Leaderboard, you can also use it to inspire your whole team positively to work towards the common sales goals. The Leaderboard has a news ticker feature that shows when new deals were added, celebrates recently closed deals and even has fun sound effects! Your reps will work harder to have the satisfaction of seeing a new deal pop up next to their name on the Leaderboard.

It’s also not just about being a winner. Sales reps are always striving to be the top salesperson that month, but what about the second, third and fourth best sales reps? When you have a Sales Leaderboard, the leader isn’t the only one getting recognition. Your Top 5 contributors will be recognized by everyone at the company for their hard work and selling skills. This could help motivate some of your middle-of-the-pack reps to step it up and push harder to get on the board.


The Sales Leaderboard isn’t just helpful for competition and motivation, it also allows you to be completely transparent about which sales reps are selling the most, and by how much. You can display the booking revenue from your Top 5 sales reps that month, as well as each reps’ sales cycle, average deal value and total number of deals closed.

By posting your sales progress openly in the office, everyone at the company will know exactly what is happening in sales – including your reps. By putting the competition out in the open, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone at the end of the month if the sales team is reaching, or falling short of the sales forecast. This transparency becomes a day-to-day reminder to push your team to reach their goals at the end of the month.

With just one easy change to your sales team, you can add excitement and a sense of fun to your team. So why not start playing the sales game? By adopting a Sales Leaderboard at your company, you’ll be surprised how quickly your team steps up and competes. You reps will be enthusiastic about making the next sale and and you’ll be enthusiastic when you see more closed deals every month.

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