With less than two weeks until Dreamforce ‘18, it’s time to plan how you will spend your four days in San Francisco. With more than 3,000 in the agenda builder to choose from, planning which sessions you will attend can be overwhelming. The potential to develop new skills, network with thousands of attendees, and elevate your career are endless, so planning your days strategically is the key to success.

We went directly to the source and asked our sales ops team which sessions they were most excited about and which ones they felt would be the most valuable to attend. Take a look at our list of top ten, must-attend sessions for sales ops pros and add them to your agenda builder.

1. Admins are Critical Change Agents

The only constant is change, especially in the startup world. Change management skills are necessary for success. As a sales ops professional, if you can bring these skills to your organization, you will gain more support and alignment between teams.

2. The Rise of Revenue Ops: How Sales, Marketing and Business Ops Drive Growth

The emergence of revenue ops is apparent to many in the sales ops function. Discussing how to align processes and technologies, and how to prioritize sales, marketing and business ops resources will be helpful to strategically grow your business.

3. Automate a Business Process with Point and Click Tools

Process Builder is a staple in an admin’s tool belt. Workflow Rules are certainly handy, but there’s so much potential in learning to use Process Builder. Sessions like these are great for people newer to the admin role or anyone with specific, burning questions because the people hosting the sessions are knowledgeable and happy to answer questions afterward.

4. Accelerating Adoption with Effective End-User Training

Effective training, whether it’s for a specific technology or just general processes, is key in any ops role. This session is a roundtable discussion with other customers, to learn about training techniques that will create a workforce of empowered Salesforce end-users. If you are growing your team like we are, we definitely recommend this session.

5. Empower Your Admin and Supercharge Your Business

As an admin, it’s important to be seen as more than just someone who generates reports. Learn how to reach your full potential, maximize your contributions to your organization and positively impact the business, regardless of your title or skill level.

6. Lightning Change Management for Admins

As more businesses are transitioning to Salesforce Lightning, administrators are increasingly becoming the gatekeepers to their organization’s adoption to Salesforce Lightning. This session will provide the tools and confidence to manage the change from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning.

7. How Salesforce Admins Enable Artificial Intelligence

If you are rolling out Salesforce Einstein for your organization, this is the session for you. Learn tips and best practices to help drive the adoption and bring this new innovation to the business.

8. Certification Tips from a Road Warrior

Becoming Salesforce certified should be every new admin’s goal. The ability to attend a session on certification tips at Dreamforce is an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.

9. Overcome Your Fear: Become a Salesforce Developer

Throughout your Salesforce journey, it’s important to get into the inner workings of Salesforce. This session offers you the chance to get access to hands on resources that you will need to build out a plan to become a successful Salesforce developer and admin, and ultimately elevate your sales ops career.

10. An Admin’s Guide to Better Reports & Dashboards

A large portion of a sales ops professional’s day is creating reports and dashboards. Understanding how to create the right reports and dashboards to enable executives and your team with the right answers is crucial.

We hope to run into you at one (or all) of the sessions above. And make sure to stop by the InsightSquared booth, #1012 to say hello!

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