[Exclusive Excerpt] Aaron Ross’ Predictable Revenue 2.0

There are few people in the world with more experience designing, scaling and improving sales teams than Aaron Ross. Whether it’s been implementing the revolutionary Cold Calling 2.0 inside sales team at salesforce.com or founding the renowned b2b consulting company PredictableRevenue.com, Aaron has always found a way to be on the front lines of the modern sales revolution.

However, it is his #1 bestseller “Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business into a Sales Machine” that has likely had the largest impact on the sales landscape. Dubbed the “Sales Bible of Silicon Valley” by Inc.com, “Predictable Revenue” changed the way many people think about sales and helped them transform their businesses.

But it turns out there was a lot more to say on the matter.

So Aaron Ross has decided to return to the theme of creating a sales machine with a new, highly anticipated book. The upcoming sequel focuses on the 3 main sources of pipeline:

  1. Seeds – Leads generated by happy customers through referrals, renewals and upsells.

  2. Nets – Leads coming from one-to-many marketing campaigns.

  3. Spears – Highly targeted outbound prospecting leads.

There is no doubt that this much-discussed sequel will help many sales organizations aggressively scale and reach new heights of revenue generation. But there’s one problem…

…the book is still months away from release!

Many sales managers are anxious to get their hands on this one-of-a-kind sales resource so they can turn its insights into action, but the book is still months away from shipping.

Well you’re in luck. Aaron has given us an exclusive excerpt from this new book featuring never-before-seen case studies, a list of Aaron’s favorite sales apps and a whole lot more. And for a limited time, this exclusive excerpt is yours for FREE.

So instead of sitting on your hands waiting for one of the most highly anticipated sales books of the year, get the excerpt now and start tapping into its secrets.

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