Finally! Real-Time Deal Notifications on the Go

The last few days of a quarter are often a mad scramble for sales leaders. They usually have to split their time between hopping on calls for critical deals, visiting late-stage prospects in person, and holding impromptu opportunity meetings with reps.

One thing they’re not doing is sitting by their computer. This is problematic because it makes it almost impossible for these sales leaders to know when deals actually come in. Without this vital information, they can’t be sure they’re doing the right things to help make the end of the quarter a success. Which late-stage opps should you focus your time on? How many more deals does your team need to bring in to hit your number? How should you report the in-progress results to your CEO?

These questions make one thing very clear: It’s critical for sales leaders to have real-time alerts when deals come in. Unfortunately, this isn’t a reality. There’s no convenient, immediate way for sales teams to be notified the second a new deal comes in.

That is, until now.

InsightSquared is pleased to announce a new app that answers the prayers of busy sales leaders the world over. Champ is a mobile app that instantly connects with your Salesforce data to provide real-time, instantaneous updates when deals close.

Get Champ (for FREE!) today so you can:

  • Stop sitting at your desk refreshing Salesforce
  • Know exactly which deals have closed and which still need attention
  • Send your reps congratulatory emails
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