Fliptop is a smart company that wanted to make their team more productive without spending hours building numerous reports in Salesforce.  They are a predictive marketing and sales platform that leverages data science and predictive algorithms to help businesses close more deals. Fliptop is a venture-funded, B2B company headquartered in San Francisco, CA.  Tom Lee, Head of Sales and Jessica Cross, Director of Marketing at Fliptop told InsightSquared the story of how they went from guess work to metrics-driven results and increased bookings.

This fast-growing company previously had difficulty understanding their conversion rates in their sales process by stage and by sales rep in Salesforce.  Lee not only needed a greater understanding of their sales process, he also needed in-depth sales activity tracking to better manage and coach his growing team.  The company turned to InsightSquared to solve these problems, help increase sales, and save time building sales and marketing reports.

Wins for Fliptop Since Implementing InsightSquared  

  • Grew customer base by 180% in the last quarter
  • 67% increase in activities 
  • 100 hours saved per year
  • Saved over $100k by not needing an analytics specialist

Better Rep Management and Increased Productivity with InsightSquared 

There were many pipeline related questions Lee used to have, which couldn’t be answered in Salesforce.  The Sales Funnel by Stage report in InsightSquared helps Fliptop understand their funnel by stage and by individual rep.  Lee easily sees where the reps are struggling so he can better coach them and work to strengthen their skills in certain areas. Lee can also see how much pipeline he needs, by each rep, to ensure they will hit their numbers.

Fliptop’s sales team continues to grow, and monitoring each employee’s activity levels becomes even more vital.  InsightSquared’s Sales Activities reports make it easy to see if reps aren’t logging their activities in Salesforce.  Because of this transparency the team is adamant about accurately recording and logging everything in Salesforce.  Since implementing InsightSquared, reps at Fliptop log 67% more activities and the company has seen an astonishing 180% growth in their customer base in the last quarter alone.  “There’s nowhere for the reps to hide when I see the Sales Activities reports,” said Lee.  “The reps see it too, and they quickly understand these reports and what they need to do to excel.”  At Fliptop these activities are emailed on a daily basis to each rep, making the rep aware of where they stand against other reps and against their goals.

Saving Time and Money All While Keeping the Board Happy 

One unexpected benefit for Lee has been time saved.  Lee used to spend at least two hours a week building reports for monthly board meetings.  “I don’t have those hours blocked anymore, I can instantly get all the information I need from InsightSquared and its visual design makes it easy to comprehend,” Lee explained.  The board members now request InsightSquared reports at these meetings.  “The first thing the board wants me to do is pull up InsightSquared and show it to them,” said Lee.

Cross also sees an added benefit of time savings as well as better report building.  Before InsightSquared, Cross attempted to create a report similar to InsightSquared’s Push Rates by Stage report, with little success.  “I had tried building one of your sales reports in Salesforce, I spent ten hours on the phone with a Salesforce support rep trying to produce this report for my CEO,” Cross explained.  “Our CEO didn’t even use it because it still wasn’t exactly what he wanted.  With InsightSquared’s report I can instantly see which opportunities are being pushed week over week.”  They can now tell what opportunities are real and the total value of opportunities that are likely to push their close date in a given sales period.

She even recalls a time, at her previous company, when they employed a full-time Salesforce administrator whose salary was over $100k a year.  This person’s job was to build the reports that InsightSquared provides instantly, for a small fraction of the cost.  “At an agile company like Fliptop, we don’t have the budget or bandwidth to have a dedicated admin,” said Cross.  “InsightSquared takes care of the weekly reporting that a full-time employee would otherwise need to do.”


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