Friday is National Salesperson Day, How Are You Celebrating?

This Friday (and every first Friday in March) is National Salesperson Day!

If you haven’t heard of it yet, that’s okay – it was started just a decade ago by sales management thought leader and President of Best@Selling Maura Schreier-Fleming. She has since moved the holiday to the first Friday in December to coincide with a time when most customers are buying, but we think even 2 days a year aren’t enough, so we like to celebrate them both! After all, your sales team is the core of your company’s growth.

Take advantage of the opportunity to pay tribute to your sales reps’ data-driven mindset and analytical skills, the long hours they spend on the phone, and the accomplishments that help your company achieve those lofty revenue goals.

Here are some of our ideas:

Surprise the sales team with Premium LinkedIn accounts

Your main job as a sales leader is to give your sales reps the tools to succeed. You do this every day with great sales coaching, an organized resource library, and fun sales contests – but what about preparing something a little special for your reps that also serves as an investment in their professional success?

Premium LinkedIn accounts go for less than $100 per year, an investment that will pay off almost immediately given the huge competitive advantage it will give your sales team. They’ll be able to search more contacts, bookmark prospects’ profiles, see who has viewed their profile, gain credibility with the Premium Badge, and generally improve their LinkedIn social selling skills. Supporting their ability to make business relationships also shows them you care about their professional development.

(Check out our list of gift ideas for sales professionals for other ideas.)

Celebrate the unsung heroes

Top performing closers get most of the public recognition throughout the year (especially if you hold sales contests that set them up to win all the time). But what about the reps who spend all day making hundreds of dials? In most companies, these reps neither get a spot on the Sales Leaderboard, nor get to hit the sales gong when a deal is won. Make National Salespeople Day about all your reps with special emphasis on the unsung heroes that do the more thankless sales work.

Take the sales team out to lunch

Every one of your reps will look forward to a special little outing like this. They’ll get a longer break in their day than usual, a change of scenery, and the chance to celebrate and be merry with every member of the team. It wouldn’t hurt to give a little toast including a short blurb about all your reps!

Hold a company happy hour in their honor

Whether you bring the beer to the company or bring the company to the beer, let the whole office in on the fun. After all, sales professionals shouldn’t be the only ones celebrating other sales professionals.

If you want to go all out, follow ToutApp’s lead: they sent out an open invitation to salespeople for their happy hour in San Francisco. Requirements to attend? Be a “kickass salespeep” by having motivation and drive, a competitive nature, and “wit, charm, or that je ne sais quoi trait that helps you close. those. deals.” Sounds like a blast to us!

Spread the word

National Salesperson Day is not as well-known as Administrative Professional’s Day, but there is a lot of potential for it to reach the same level of prominence. Talk about it with your friends at other companies and use the #SalespersonDay hashtag. Let’s grow the number of companies who celebrate with their sales teams so that every sales rep out there gets the recognition they deserve!

How are you celebrating National Salesperson Day this Friday, or how did you celebrate last December? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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