Get “Million Dollar Insights” into Business Analytics

Update: The InsightSquared podcast has been renamed Ramp: The SaaS Analytics Podcast. Learn why we made this decision.

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There’s an analytics revolution taking place in the business world today. Business leaders are relying more and more on data analysis to make better-informed decisions in sales, marketing and customer service. It’s possible to understand how even the smallest changes affect the entire business, and track results back to a single click.

However, as technology has advanced, so has the amount of data available to analyze. With vast amounts of data to sift through, how do you know what’s vital information and what’s just noise?

That’s where Million Dollar Insights comes in. This new podcast from InsightSquared will help you take your business’ data and transform it into millions in revenue. Host Cara Hogan interviews business thought leaders, sales experts, and data analysts to understand how every business can use analytics to drive reliable and sustainable growth.

Listen to the first episode now:

In this episode, Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot Sales Products, shares the story of HubSpot’s amazing and rapid growth – from small startup to IPO. As the SVP of WorldWide Sales between 2007 to 2013, Roberge increased HubSpot’s revenue more than 6,000% and expanded the team from 1 to 450 employees.

He said that people kept asking him over and over again, “How did HubSpot do it?”

Instead of having the same conversation thousands of times, he decided to write his new book: “The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million.”

[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Mark Roberge, CRO of HubSpot Sales Products”]The word formula – please don’t confuse it with x + y = z. I wish scaling sales were that easy. But as more data is accessible to the sales leader, a more data-driven approach to scaling sales is advantageous.[/blockquote]

In this exclusive interview, Roberge reveals some of HubSpot’s secrets to success, including:

  • Scaling a sales team according to the data
  • How to build scalable, predictable revenue growth
  • Codifying a repeatable hiring process
  • What it was like to head to the NYSE for the Initial Public Offering
  • …and much more.

Listen to a candid interview with Roberge in the very first episode of the Million Dollar Insights podcast, and stay tuned for new episodes in coming weeks.


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