[Guide] The Ultimate Email Playbook For Customer Service Reps

Email is, by a wide margin, the main way your customer service team interacts with customers, so it’s easy to understand why reps should be fluent in the art of writing helpful, tactful, and timely emails.

The hard part is actually doing it.

This isn’t because most customer service reps don’t have the skills or the desire to write great support emails, but because writing great support emails is hard.

Most of the time, when customers reach out it is because they are frustrated, confused or both. This makes the task of responding with a useful email incredibly difficult. How can you talk down a self-destructive customer? What can you do to stay positive when faced with an extremely negative email? How can you successfully handoff a customer to a colleague without making the customer feel like they’re not important to you?

In each of these scenarios, service reps must demonstrate empathy for the customer and offer useful information in return. To up the degree of difficulty, they have to do it as fast as possible hundreds of times per day. One simple mistake can threaten a long-standing customer relationship, so the stakes are high.

We know how important it is to provide care and genuinely useful service, so we talked to our own Customer Happiness team (and lots of other people in the field) to produce this handy playbook for writing great customer service emails.

In it, we explore 5 common customer service scenarios and break them down to help service reps learn the difference between an average email and one that leaves customers delighted.

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