Life as a customer service rep isn’t easy.

You spend your day solving complex problems for (typically) upset customers to make sure they keep coming back to your business. In those rare moments when you get a break from the queue, there aren’t too many reliable ways to answer the question, “Am I doing a good job?”

Enter first contact resolution (FCR).

First contact resolution has emerged as the go-to way for customer service teams who want to capture the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams in a single metric.

We’ve been hearing so much about this KPI lately that we decided to explain why everyone is obsessed with first contact resolution. Typically, customer service managers want to know how to improve FCRand we explained that as well. Lastly, we felt obligated to warn people about the dark side of first contact resolution, since we didn’t want to encourage service teams to prioritize improving a metric over the actual customer experience.

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled the key takeaways from each of these blog posts to create this Guide to First Contact Resolution.

Be sure to check it out if you want to discover how analyzing your first contact resolution can boost your team’s productivity and customer retention. We think it’s worth your time – optimizing your FCR will pay dividends for your entire organization as you increase your retention rate and reduce churn.

Share it with your service reps, save it for later, or read it now, but don’t let it pass you by. Get your FREE copy today!

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