Hiregy logoHiregy is a boutique staffing company based in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 2004 by CEO Bill Fries, Hiregy has risen to become one of Tampa’s most professional and ethical staffing agencies with a strong commitment to a complete screening process before a client ever meets a candiate. Servicing various verticals such as legal, accounting, customer service and admin, Hiregy focuses most on direct hire and temp-to-hire positions.

We spoke with Bill Fries, CEO, within weeks of Hiregy implementing InsightSquared as their business intelligence solution about already having positively impacting their bottom line.

Hiregy is just starting up with InsightSquared. How has the initial integration been?

Within ten minutes I said, ‘just send me the contract.’
So here’s our back story: until now, we’ve had a really hard time extracting and extrapolating data. It’s been very frustrating, to say the least. Why can’t I pull a list of client submittals? Why can’t I pull the reports I need to see? Within ten minutes of sitting through your demo, I said “just send me the contract.” What I saw was fantastic. Whatever you’re charging can’t cost me more than the time and aggravation I would spend pulling what I need.

First of all, I was amazed [your product] existed to begin with. Second, within days, there was active data going on. Your team was keeping me abreast of the different tickets we submitted. What I thought would be complicated tweaks and changes, you implemented right away. I’m impressed with your great service.

And what has been the initial impact to your business within just a few weeks?

We are already making more placements. We’re seeing return on it already.
Honestly, we are already making more placements. Your tool drives activity, and those activities drive the business. We’re seeing return on it already. The biggest thing was the Activity Dashboard and Feed. It’s dramatically changed how we operate on our recruiting team.

Hiregy Activity Dashboard


What a difference having access to this data makes. Now the team knows exactly how they are doing, how many interviews they are bringing in. They can answer questions like “who did I interview last week who might be good for this job?” We can click and see the names of each candidate. It’s improved everyone’s efficiency so much in such a short amount of time.

I see it on people’s desktops during the day, all day. I see comments responding to the [nightly email summaries] in the morning. “I know I need to fix this error!” People are paying attention. They’re being more accountable. Before this, it was like each person was playing in a jazz band, sort of doing their own thing. They put notes in the system in their own way, reported on different things, named the same thing many different ways. Now we’re like an orchestra: it’s unified us together in getting things consistent. The efficiency comes from that. We know what others are doing and exactly how they’re doing it.

What other charts have been useful this early on?

We use the bubble charts [Job Order Dashboard] everyday. Love the momentum. Love the whole thing. It helps us make decisions: we see a job order with no momentum and we figure out why. The old way to do that was to spend time every morning going through every order one by one. This saves so much time and energy, and it focuses our resources.

Job Order Dashboard


Reports like this, they might be simple for you guys to make, but for me, I had to pull separate reports for every column I wanted and put them together in Excel. Just to run one report was a 5-6 step process. It would take me a couple of hours to assemble a report like the ones you have that are automated and always on. I can log on from anywhere, anytime. We used to pull reports like that just once a week since it took so much time!

And you’ve only just scratched the surface with us!

I probably shouldn’t say this, but you guys should charge more. We see so much promise with InsightSquared and we’re excited to see what else you guys can do.

We are too. Thanks for the great feedback Bill!


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