HireMinds came to InsightSquared for visibility into basic activity metrics for employees. The result was greatly increased activity and a 45% increase in revenue over six months.

Revenue this year, in large part because of InsightSquared and our increased productivity, is tracking to be the best in our 13-year history.

- David Hayes, CEO, HireMinds

About HireMinds

HireMinds (@hireminds) is a 16-person recruiting firm based in Cambridge, MA, and San Francisco, CA. The company was founded in 1998 by David Hayes and focuses on the marketing, technology, and scientific industries.

Before InsightSquared

It was impossible to predict the productivity of employees, especially rookies.

Even when I could get data, it wasn’t reliable and I had to have it reorganized and fact checked. We were taking interview data and manually doing division on it…it was crazy.

- David Hayes

HireMinds used a 3rd-party service bureau to manually copy data, reorganize into spreadsheets, and send out to his team each night. This was both expensive and frustrating.

Easy Setup

Working with InsightSquared was super easy. They understood my business. I didn’t need to spend time explaining what I did and what I was looking for.

A notable part of the HireMinds configuration was a leaderboard-style customized module for the nightly team-wide status email that increased the natural competition among team members.

Right out of the gate the InsightSquared product was great.

Results With InsightSquared

Recruiting is a predictable business — if you have the right frontend metrics. Now we have those metrics at our fingertips.

David focused his team on improving their daily and trailing 7 & 30-day activity metrics. Results within the first six months were:

  • Presentations up 90%
  • Sendouts up 79%
  • Invites (Interviews) up 139%
  • Revenue up 45%
The bottom line is that InsightSquared is saving me money relative to my solution from before, and allowing me to earn more by improving the performance of my team.

- David Hayes


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