Didn’t cross your mind that your sales analytics expertise could apply to your love life, did it?

If you’ve ever sat by the phone thinking nervously about the call you’re about to make and what you’re going to say, then you know how similar sales and dating are. The whole process is a type of courtship – you’re getting to know each other to see whether you’re a match and hoping the two of you share similar values and goals.

We’ll show you how your sales analytics knowledge can translate into getting the Valentine’s Day date of your dreams.

Good lead sources mean higher quality opportunities

Approaching someone at a bar, like cold calling, can work – but it is much more efficient to pursue a warm, inbound lead. Many successful relationships start with an introduction by a friend or coworker. Ask them to set you up with someone they think would be a good match for you. Oftentimes, good lead sources like mutual friends yield much higher conversion rates to dates.

It looks like the cooking class paid off, but not as well as friend referrals!

Your potential dates can learn everything about you online

In this day and age, inbound leads have researched your company thoroughly before even speaking to you or another sales rep. Similarly, a lot of your own personal information is available to anyone. So if your mutual friend set you up on a date, chances are your date has already Googled you, visited your LinkedIn page, scrutinized your Facebook profile picture, and read that article about solar panels you wrote in high school. Make sure you keep your public online profiles clean and interesting – and leave a little bit of mystery.

If you say you’ll call, call

The way you build trust in sales is the same way you build trust in a budding relationship. There are 4 main ingredients: credibility, integrity, shared interests, and the providing of value. Integrity means being honest and dependable – when you say you’ll call at a certain day or time, your prospective valentine should be able to count on you to call.

Make your date feel special

Send a personalized message to show you’ve done your research, not one that could have gone to a hundred other dates. You wouldn’t send a generic email to a sales prospect, would you? That would be bad technique! When you text or talk with your potential valentine, include a personal anecdote or shared interest. “Chris told me you climbed Patagonia last summer. I’m a big fan of hiking but haven’t done it out of the States yet. How’d you like it?” Show that your interests and values align with theirs – they may not know it yet!

Play it cool

If you’re too forward or desperate, your conversion rate will be low. Remember that old saying in Sales, “Always Be Closing”? It is actually horrible sales advice – and the same goes for getting a Valentine’s Day date. Don’t overdo it – no one likes the hard-sell.

You may have multiple opportunities in your Valentine Funnel, but stick to these guidelines and you will get that great Valentine’s Day date!

Now get out there!

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