Guest post by Adam Honig is the co-founder and CEO of Spiro Technologies

If you work in sales operations, it may seem like the sales reps at your company don’t always see the value you are adding to their daily lives. It sometimes feels like the only thing you have in common is both of your job titles beginning with the word “sales”.

Instead of ignoring the divide, see it from the sales side and try to articulate, in their language, your value add.

For sales reps, their entire life is based around making a pitch, speaking in terms of their customer, and highlighting the way their product can alleviate a prospect’s pain points.

So talk to them as if you are a sales rep, too. Make them see how much they need your service. Talk about the added value and benefits of what you can deliver. If you put this all in terms they are used to, then you’ve got a deal!

How Sales Ops Adds Value to the Sales Team

Technology Training

If anyone knows how to use your CRM and all the other sales related technology, it’s the people who selected and implemented the system. That’s sales ops! Be there to help the sales team with internal training, continued education, and willingness to bring in outside help when appropriate. Make sure they know you are there to help them happily embrace the technology your company uses.

Simplifying their Sales Life

Anyone in sales ops knows the value add of streamlining processes. If there is a field that can be automatically populated and kept hidden, they will make that happen. The gain is twofold: maintaining an accurate and consistent database and reducing data entry time for reps. Win, win for all.

Lead Generation

Many companies complain that there is a disconnect between marketing and sales on what is a valuable lead. Marketing thinks they are delivering good leads, but sales finds the leads useless or unqualified. Sales ops can act as the go between in this instance, maintaining that the generation and follow-up of leads is a seamless process. Sales will like the sound of that!

Reporting on KPIs

The most important thing for a sales team is knowing how they are doing against their goal. Sales operations helps build out the best reports and dashboards to show all their key data points. Let sales know how your role is to assist in giving them visibility into how they are doing, and thus allowing them determine what they need to focus on.

Getting Their Paychecks

Calculating commissions can be a tricky task. Sales ops puts into place procedures to assure that sales get paid for the deals they worked so hard on closing. Point out that you also manage the checks and balances to make sure their goals are in alignment with the compensation plan. Sales should be friendly with the people helping them bring home their bonuses!

Providing Expertise on Sales Activities

As the ones analyzing the data that comes out of your CRM, sales operations can provide valuable insights into helping to restructure territory sizing and alignment within sales teams. Make sure the sales managers are aware that you are there as a resource to help crunch the numbers and make their teams run efficiently.  

Acting as a Liaison

Part of your job is to constantly be on top of the latest sales related technology. You then deliver the best solutions to your company’s sales teams. Acting as a liaison between the outside world and the reps helps them just focus their attention on selling. Highlight the fact that you have their goals in mind when dealing with outside vendors or other department leaders.

The bottom line is that sales operations wants sales to succeed! And sales ops will continue to be a necessary part of any sales team’s success.


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